surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Friday, December 31, 2010

Turning 20 part 1

Someone actually said this to me, and I quote

“If you like someone,’ attack’ his/her birthday”

I’m aware of people agreeing to the statement as well as who don’t. I on the other hand am not sure myself. True, who doesn’t like at least once in a year surrounded by people they love, people close to them singing them a birthday song right when the clock struck 12, stowing cake into their mouth followed by a kiss in the check (err.. objection, maybe ‘stowing’ is not the word cuz I’ve actually seen those who purposely smudge the cake on the face =P), and wishing them till the end of the day. Well at least I know one; Bella doesn’t like birthday surprises, because she hates it to be reminded she’s gradually getting older than Edward.

Some also thought they’ll look silly if people prank them surprise-sake and believe it or not, I know this one girl who hates her birthday celebrated for she’s afraid there would be none. So rather than hanging anticipation, to be on the safe side she refuses surprises and parties getting paranoid that nobody cares for her. But still, people throw her one and that just shows she’s surrounded by those who loved her out of literal conscious =)

I’m wasn’t born in a family that goes all out celebrating birthday, just a cake and some wishes will do. Though my earliest memory started at 3, but I can’t remember celebrating birthday party then. But mum still keep pics from my 1st birthday. I was in stripes red baby gown, just learnt how to walk she claimed. Along my growing years, seldom did I get to celebrate it with friends since it always fell on school holidays; so I didn’t get to have a cake-smudged face on my party and instead enjoyed doing it to others, maybe one of the reasons why I tried my best not to anticipate any. As ironic as it seemed, I turned 18, 19, and 20 having one, and I realized it can’t be that bad.

So what happened on my birthday?

Sudden wishes from housemates; I remember most Reen was the one leading the line =)
Inbox started to get full of best wishes; Aziey was one of the earliest =)
Facebook notifications overflood =)
The next day colleagues continued wishing =)
Some surprises from my smart circle buddies; credits to Kak Fatin, Ecot, Mimi, Yan, Tikah, Awatif =)

Here comes the climax!

So much of choral speaking has become the so-called trend of Al Razi, like I mentioned in my previous entry we were ought to make ‘Cavernous Sinus’ an interesting performance.

musical sketch by group A ~pic credits to zt~

Choral dikir by group B ~pic credits to Reen~

Choir medley by group C ~pic credits to Reen~

The topic was ‘Dangerous Area of The Face’. After some cracking-the-head-ideas squeezing veins and diseases into the scripts, pain-in-the-neck practice, and good job everyone! I was laughing along the way amused and I considered that as an indirect present from all =)

But what made me happier was when;

Dr Hisyam: Isn’t there anyone who’s going to be the emcee?
Man and I bet some of the girls too: Zawani, the birthday girl!

I know this meant sudden emceeing, but expecting Zawani Zainudin to say no to it is an off beam. I distinguished I’m not that all good in emceeing but thinking about holding the mic and having people’s attention on me all at once for even a short time is just my side hobby.

So people thanks for the surprises and wishes
Lel thanks for the cake
Janah too thanks for the cake
My smart circle sisters, thanks for the bag
Ain thanks for the phone straps
Dilah too thanks for the phone straps
Dibah thanks for the lunch
Sis Addie (read: my 2nd sis) thanks for your tiramisu
Aziey thanks for the blog post specially dedicated to me
Farhah thanks for the phone call

Ps: I’ve got 2 climaxes, fairly telling one =)
Pss: Next post, a birthday present from Sis Honey (read: my 1st sis) =)

Little sweety adorable killer whale
It rings to motions
Peeping inside a crystal cookies’ space
In baby blue enclosing sided with lollipop
Just don’t underestimate them
They’ll speak when others stay silent



dib^mrs_shim said...

i sooooo love the finishing poem......


^Laila^ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
^Laila^ said...

luv ya~~ haha.. :-)

Zawani Zainudin said...

didi, thanx! sayang awak jgk =))))
lel: ape yg kamu tulis tu? =))

^Laila^ said...

haha.. tiada apa2.. just wondering sal that person.. biarlah rahsia ek??

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