surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Monday, December 27, 2010

Turning 20 prologue

I’m about to start on my ‘Turning 20’ The Series.

Reading outcomes; by the end of the reading, viewers will be able to know;
1. 20 things about me (prologue)
2. What happened on my birthday (part 1)
3. What happened a day after my birthday (part 2)
4. Thoughts and more thoughts (finale)

20 things about me - taken from Aiman’s, credits =)

1. I was supposed to be born on January 1991, but I was 3 weeks early (I wouldn’t have met you people if so)

2. So I was born on December 24th 1990, 5 minutes to midnight. Mum insisted the nurse to get me registered under the December 25th babies but the nurse refused (kalau tak mesti birthday kita sama Reen. Haha)

3. Started going to kindergarten by the age of 4. Want to know why? Because my 2nd brother who’s a year older won’t go to his pre-school without me (yeah we were that close). As a result I dozed off in class most of the time.

4. Used to be a big fan of Backstreet Boys since kindergarten till i graduated boarding school. Even thought of marrying Nick Carter once!

5. Attended boarding school for 5 years; 7 months in SMKA Segamat, and the next 4 years and 5 months was in SBPI Mersing, currently known as SMSSI aka Sultan Iskandar Science School (was the first batch back then)

6. Mum won’t allow me gone working during holidays. So yep I’ve no experience working.

7. People called me differently;
Family called me Za
Friends called me Wanie
Some called me Zwen (I suggested this)
Juniors back in school used to call me Kak Awnie (since there were a few Wanie existed)
Raja Nurul Ain Az Zahra called me Nini (fuh~ nama penuh (^^)v)
Reen called me … this is embarrassing … Chawan (sebab presentation chado tu ke? Haha)

8. My younger brother addresses me as Wanie (never heard he call me Kakak)

9. And I address my 2nd brother as Az (never call him abang even once. Huhu)

10. Never gone for friends hangout until I was 16 (was so innocent back then)

11. Never been good with numbers, wonder if I really am arithmophobic

12. I started to love English when I was 7
First choral speaking when I was 10
Experienced my first public speaking when I was 12
Joining debate team when I was 14

13. Started writing in diaries when I was 9

14. Me and my 2nd sis looked pretty much alike and people often mistaken me being the older one. Sheesh~

15. I love heels

16. I wear contact lens by day and specs by night (vision -1.0 for both eyes)

17. I can hardly eat currypuff (personally think the taste of its crust and core aren’t harmonious enough for my tongue)

18. Prefer J-entertaiment rather than K-entertainment

19. Right-handed and I’m wearing watch on my right wrist

20. Used to be a bulimic when I was a teen. Don’t worry, am a sober now. Hoho

Ps:I wish I could write more than 20, but guess best to leave it to that or else it’s going to be an endless list.
Pss: Got 3 phone straps for my birthday, means I have to use 3 cellphones?
Psss: Please anticipate the ‘Turning 20 part 1’

some nostalgic pics

Nick Carter from 'I Want it That Way' scene

See that 'Nick' in the background?

School I missed lots

The first batch, spot me?

Heroes 0307 bagde

Chawan is some of cup for chado (read: Japanese tea ceremony)

And btw Reen, I'll let you go on this. Haha


GuGu said...

xtw cumil.he3

^Laila^ said...

agree with u man~~ mmg comel je post ni.. i'm anticipating the next post.. =p

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