surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If you think (insert premise here), then you're wrong

I’ve gone through this a lot, and now finally I can come out with my own analysis.

Extended report of my adrenaline rush;

Stage one
Fast-forward occurs; sudden skip-a-bit heartbeat takes place. At certain extent, thinking about the upcoming big awaiting event brings about tachycardia. Plus if involved atmosphere is a 16-20˚C cold lecture hall, quiver lips with gritted teeth comes into package.

Stage two
“I doubt this is the right place for me”
“I shouldn’t be here at the first place”
“This doesn’t feel like home at all”
Are common lines heard; I would try ridiculously shutting my eyes tightly wishing the next image after I open it would be my housemates in A16-05, or my group B tutormates, or even best my family at home. The next fragile thing to happen is of course tears dropping. Tough enough it held, appear brittle it shreds.

Stage three
This won’t take long, mysteriously it emerges. A total contradiction of 2nd stage; acute talkative syndrome attacks. I would start talking regardlessly, ridiculously, randomly (Read: 3R). Next line heard, “Oh my god! I can’t think straight. This is worse than falling in love!”

Stage four
Emotion, cognitivity, physiology, physical get back to normal and everything makes sense again.
“Yosh! Let’s do this!”

The 14th Royal Debate in UTHM

The second Royals experience, honestly there’s nothing really that interesting to tell. We can’t make it to semi-final*. This year just like the last, I was in the senior team. What does that mean? Well nothing much, just means that we’re much more easily crushed by other way more experienced teams. But still, it was a good exposure. Faye, Hanisah, Maryam thanks for being in the team.

Cuppys from our friendly runners

Before role call

This house will make dating websites compensate for cheated spouses
This house shouldn’t give mandatory death for its drug traffickers
This house should endorse the right to nuclear weapon
This house believes that food aid gives destruction to recipients’ economy

On the welcoming dinner night

Stalked! Guna phone Faye je pun~

*Not telling doesn’t mean cheating. Actually we didn’t even get to go to quarter-final; stuck at preliminary.

The best part having your sis home is, you boleh rembat pakai baju die~

Ps: If you think Zawani Zainudin can’t get fat, then you’re wrong
Pss: Anticipating choral speaking for anatomy. Ok, gen05 started this choral thingy trend, so we have to pay for it.

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amierul said...

Haha..dont be sad ..hope our experience here may lead us to succedness in the future,,,=)

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