surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Monday, July 30, 2012


Physiological scar is a normal outcome of wound healing process. When injury occurs, tissue repairs will follow and eventually forming this permanent mark. Permanent, there should be a good reason why it stays there. More than the physical access to it, they never fail to heap up flashback of memories. Each has its own sentiment value.

I still got one on my elbow; fell while I learnt to ride a bike for the first time. It was as small as my tip of elbow the first time I checked. But now surprisingly it has grown bigger.

Yes. Scar grows along with you.

It never did leave.

Just like emotional scar. It never did leave.

But we can choose to live with it, peacefully.

Hey. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, aite?

Friday, July 27, 2012



The best way to overcome fear is to confront.
To confront requires courage, let alone to overcome. Running away doesn’t solve things, instead things will get bigger and before you know it, it’ll start hunting you.


Fear and paranoid are mutually exclusive, but often experienced along. The overwhelming emotional insecurity when vague past came crossing mind. How is confrontation even possible? There’s no one to blame when clearly no one is at fault.

3 words
Just Let Go.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Being a doctor for ummah

This is a true story
Source: Local radio stations
Narrated by: Sofwatul Mokhtarah’s mum
Re-narrated by: Sofwatul Mokhtarah
Published with permission by: Zawani Zainudin
Date accessed: June 30 2012
Date published: July 22 2012

Ada seorang pesakit menghubungi dan menceritakan pengalaman beliau dirawat oleh seorang doktor graduan USIM. Beliau mengalami burn dikaki akibat tersimbah air panas, kemudian dimasukkan ke dalam wad yang dipisahkan dari pesakit lain. Beliau adalah seorang muslim tetapi tidak boleh menerima musibah ini, sentiasa menyalahkan dirinya, dan rasa seperti tidak berguna.

Sehinggalah satu hari, seorang doktor datang untuk merawat kakinya. Katanya doktor tersebut mencabut kulit-kulitnya yang terbakar itu dan ia adalah sangat menyakitkan.

Doktor itu dengan lembut berkata;
“prosedur ni sakit, tapi saya akan buat sambil berzikir subhanallah walhamdulillah.. dan saya nak akak ikut berzikir sama”

Dan pesakit tersebut ikut sekali berzikir. Katanya Alhamdulillah, tak rasa sangat sakitnya. Selepas dari hari itu, apabila beliau terasa sakit, beliau akan berzikir. Lama-kelamaan beiau mula redha akan penyakitnya. Beliau berkata bahawa sejak saat itu, hatinya lebih terbuka untuk lebih mendekati Allah.

Subhanallah. Sedikit sahaja usaha yang doktor itu lakukan tetapi alhamdulillah dengan izin Allah, besar kebaikan pada pesakit tersebut.

The identity remained unknown. USIMian colleagues, we should get inspired by this senior of ours.
Call for all Muslim doctors; let’s straighten our intention because of Allah.

 Ps: duduk rumah ni banyak perkara kena fikir. Bukan setakat fikir nak pakai tudung style apa biar senang nak pakai stetoskop je. *muhasabah*

Save Maryam

A project under Mercy Mission
Dear Allah, save my brothers and sisters in the name of You.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's pack up for holidays!

Why must writing always needs exclusive mood? Why must such a mood always get to me when I’m too busy to write? Instead of now for instance, when I’m seriously at leisure!

First and for all, Salam Ramadhan to all of you! Excited aren’t we? Alhamdulillah He gives us another chance to be in this holy month.

I’ve officially started my end year 3 semester break now; for a month. Alhamdulillah this time around I get to spend Ramadhan with family in Johor. Yay! New semester will start on August 27th approximately after a week of Syawal.

Now let’s skip how I’m bruised all over surviving the brutal psychological torture of packing. We’re always asked to empty the house everytime the semester ends. To keep the story short, I’ve developed acute biceps hyperthrophy due to lifting up stuff for storage purposes.

I haven’t updated much since the last few months. Right, being 3rd year; amongst the busiest, no wonder my super senior once kept his blog on hiatus when he was in 3rd year. I on the other hand, kept tip-toeing away from Mr Rang and Dale’s, Mr Katzung, Mr Lippincott, Mr Robbins as an escape attempt for updating. But not anymore, 2nd pro exam is over! Alhamdulillah (basically I’m 2 weeks late to declare that).

rembat gambar Mr Google
 Exam was 2 weeks. Our results were announced on Friday, July 6th *Alhamdulillah I passed all!* Then July 7th till 10th was our PPD camp (I’m not sure what exactly it stands for, perhaps Personal and Professionalism Development) in Tanjung Rhu, Sepang. Had our indoor and outdoor activities and then white coat ceremony on the last day.

Suddenly it felt like high school over again (we even ate according to groups in the dining hall!). On the first night we were divided into groups of 8, and right away started squeezing brains for group name, logo, motto, flag and group cheer. Group names have to be disease-oriented and we decided on Grave’s disease. So in our cheers we were literally yelling and screaming ‘Let’s go to the grave!’ the whole time. *mengingati mati tu kan bagus*

at the middle is our facilitator, Dr Azlina. and opthalmologist
in the dining hall
For overalls, we won 2nd place! Yay!
Intan, aten, naniim, wafiy, daoh, mael, nudin. Glad to work with you guys! :D

July 10th, arrived in hostel somewhere past 6pm. July 11th was the day we’ll fly to Australia for our batch trip. Flight was at 11.30pm. Imagine how we struggle to unpack stuff from PPD and straight away pack for Aussie.
boarding for Aussie!
Let’s keep it to that. I’m still composing my Down Under Adventure sequels *winks*

Here are some pics for spoiler

letak gambar sendiri plak. heh
the 2 divas *nausea*
 Ps: please anticipate my post on Aussie! :)
Pss: rajin plak letak banyak gambar :))

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #3

The 4th Year White Coat Ceremony July 10th 2012
Ps: I'm not in the pic

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