surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Equation

Justin Bieber, Gita Gutawa, Yui. Ever wonder what and how these 3 people assembled each other? But wait, never heard about Yui? Oh I should have seen that coming, here’s not a j-pop forum after all.

Yui is a Japanese singer, musician and song writer. She preferred acoustic version of songs and she composed a lot of songs for OST. To all anime lovers, FYI the 5th opening theme song of the anime Bleach is the song ‘Rolling Star’ by Yui and the 5th closing theme song is also by her ‘Life’. I love her songs and been spending hours for the past few weeks to download her tracks.

That’s enough with the intro and promo. Here’s what I have in mind when I tuned in to her songs.

Justin is a 16 year-old boy who is popular with the song ‘One Time’, his voice is boyish and just as sweet as Jesse McCartney’s when he first debuted with the song ‘Beautiful Soul’. In short Justin has a treble voice. Gita Gutawa is a 17 year-old girl who is popular with the song ‘Sempurna’, her voice is slim and high pitch or in short she has a soprano voice. Combining both and you could get the voice of Yui, a 23 year-old young lady. Apart from her music that I fell for, she has quite a clear-cut range of voice. The first time you heard her, you could mistakenly thought it as the voice of a boy who likely yet to hit puberty. And the next tone of hers would be a slender high frequency tone vibes. Within these 2 voices scale; soprano and treble, she could just switch it and even sing by using the note in between. Perhaps this is clearly emphasized in her 5th single ‘Good-bye Days’.

Here’s some list of her tracks that I love most!

1. Tokyo
2. I remember you
3. Good-bye days
4. Summer songs
5. Day dreamer
6. Again
7. My generation

And that was it about Yui.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


If only the word exist, i was diagnosed to have chronic packaphobia!
Ever since I was a little girl, ever since forever. Why can't packing be a piece of cake? i don't know where to start and where it should end. Lord help me =(.

Back home I would always have mum helping me
Back at school I always had my best friends helping me
Here in Glennview with everybody busy packing their own stuff, things are harder.

packing is harder than i think

wish me a safe and happy packing time

Friday, April 23, 2010

adrenaline rush to the max!

As far as i'm concerned, seldom i wrote personal stuff bout myself on blog. Or things about what i really did and go through, at least not directly. Because some of my friends claimed the reason why they didn't create a blogger account is because when they have one, they'll tend to post about everything (smpai gaduh ngan boyfriend pn nak cite). And in my opinion, personally that'll only happened to those who're damned obsess about themselves thinking that 'oh i have to let people know everything about me'. But i'm rather going to post about what i think, not stressing solely on what i experienced and what i felt (at least for now).

And that's how i came out with this post

off to Sunway Lagoon yesterday as a post-exam trip

(mak aih! intro bkn maen pnjg minah ni nk cite psl die g sunway je).
It was superb there and luckily we went a total 10 of us and it was really a girls-hung out. Got to experience this

and lots more.

Happy =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

what i've got to say

am i really a girl who doesn't know how to be grateful?

one word; exam's over!!! (ok that's two)
it's holiday! alhamdulillah.
off for 2 months holz

may Allah bless in any undertakings

ps: this doesn't mean i'm off from blogging though =). got more coming.

can't wait to go home. i'm collecting the new volume of eyeshield 21 anime!

and just so you know, i'm head over heels in love with
hiruma youichi

in action for a touch down..

a scene with musashi..

for some reason why, maybe i am. dear lord please retreat the vain in me..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Those who dare deserve

30 minutes left.

The silent ambiance force me to willingly acknowledge whatever sound struck; paper flipping, shoe tapping, heavy breath exhaling, finger joints popping, liquid paper shaking, all. It’s cold and the horizon within the closed room seemed not welcoming at all. Pretended checking around; right, cleared. Left, cleared, front, cleared. My instinct said back, cleared.

And I started, tear I go little by little. Phew, cold sweat rolled down my cheek (this part is made up). I never thought a 2 inches paper distance would be this hard to be torn.

Shred! Bingo!

When suddenly he walked passed my desk from behind. Shoot! I didn’t see that coming. Did he saw it? Did he figure out what I was doing? Cover it up, put on my actress face like nothing had happened. Calmly fold the paper and hide it.

People started walking out the door. I waited for the best timing and off I stood. Slowly stepping and I noticed he looked at me. That gave me a goose-bumps, he stared at me like I did something wrong when I did. Lord! Don’t let me be caught red-handed. 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter and off out the door, safe.

Now that’s what I call victory; going in with a piece of paper, going out with 2 pieces of paper. I wonder what it is.

Those who dare to do it deserve it.

May Allah bless until the last paper, insyaAllah

Nurturing the culture

If you asked most people around me what vibes that I exerted within my atmosphere territory, most probably they’ll say “Japanization”, especially after my art presentation on the Japanese tea ceremony, chado. Well, perhaps I have to declare that Japanese had become my 2nd language after English. As been posted on my previous entry under topic innocent obsession, that was how I started being absorbed into the Nippon-thingy; dramas, songs, movies, cuisine, culture, fashion, product, you name it. I wonder if people noticed me speaking in Japanese much more frequently rather than English in private. Only lately I’m in dilemma, shouldn’t I be more concern in nurturing a better culture for the sake of myself at least?

Situation A:
Every morning, instead of saying ‘ohayo gozaimasu’, wouldn’t it better to say ‘assalamualaikum’

Situation B:
After calling it a day and head off home, instead of saying ‘ja, mata ashita ne’, wouldn’t it better to still wrap it with ‘assalamualaikum’

Situation C:
When something was safely done just as expected, instead of saying ‘yosh’ or ‘yokatta’, wouldn’t it better to say ‘alhamdulillah’

Situation D:
‘Lepaking’ with some friends and having meals with them, instead of saying ‘itadakimasu’, wouldn’t it better to say ‘bismillahirrahmanirrahim’

Ps: I usually did both for situation D though.

Highlighting situation C. Even I often heard the words like ‘yay’, ‘nasib baik’, ‘wah seronoknya’ when something good happened, when we’re lucky. Perhaps those words slipped out of tongue unconsciously (FYI that was supposed to be my excuse). Somehow I bet what had happened would be much more meaningful after thanking the Almighty Allah.

Alhamdulillah for the breath you still grant me
Alhamdulillah for this heart you still allow to beat
Alhamdulillah for the faith in you, you never seem to withdraw
Alhamdulillah for the ‘wakeup call’ within my carelessness and forgetfulness
Alhamdulillah for the pleasure in life you accord
Alhamdulillah for all the good things you planned to happen to me

nurturing the culture in the making =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't wait till tomorrow

I kinda made an unofficial vow to myself to switch into hiatus mode especially about this facebook and blogger thingy until I completed my final exams. The thing is that there’s something in life that you can’t wait and shouldn’t wait until tomorrow. Updating my blog for instances. Come to think about it, postponing everything until exam’s over is really a no-go. If you want it, you should just go for it. Well, easier said than done it is. I haven’t reached that stage yet; the stage where I would still innocently replying testimonials on facebook aware of anatomy paper the next morning. That’s why I only make a comeback now.

Anatomy is over, Behavioral Science is over, and Biochemistry is over. I’m not gonna post about those though; most probably my colleague had done that.

Jangan tunggu sampai esok

Sounds familiar ain’t it? I was making this lame gag to one of my friend, and she ended up blurry. Lord! Don’t tell me you guys too got nothing crossing on mind? It’s a catchphrase of a local furniture company, Courts Mammoth remember? LOL I was brought up served by this catchphrase during commercial breaks on TV since I was 5, and sorry for being over nostalgic.

Back to the ‘don’t wait till tomorrow’ thingy. Here comes the flashback to the year 2007.

It was the end of year where I would go to and fro of town with my friends after our SPM having nothing to do at home. Movies, bowling, window shopping, karaoke, hanging out at the library; you name it. At the mall, we always came across this one shoe boutique and there was when the first time I noticed her, my heart skipped a beat. I’ve gotta tell you, she’s a beauty. She looks elegant, sophisticated, daring, innocent yet sexy at the same time. For crying out loud, I’ve forgotten when the last time was my breath taken away. If let’s say my friends and I went hanging out at the mall for 3 days a week, then I would also grab a chance to go and ‘meet’ her for all the opportunity that I’ve got. I didn’t try to approach her though, even though my heart told me to, knowing I could always see her whenever I went there. Even when my friends provoked me, I’ll say stuff like ‘there’s still tomorrow’ or ‘don’t worry, tomorrow never dies’ and we started laughing.

Until it came to this day when I was thinking about her letting go of my night sleepless. That was when I told myself ‘I’ve got to go and see her tomorrow, and if possible should I just ‘propose’ her?’

She was all in my mind and as planned, the next day I went there with my mum. But she’s not there, in fact she was nowhere in the boutique. Seeing my facial expression, my mum asked the shoe consultant and this was what we got ‘oh that 1? We sold it yesterday’ with a smile carved on his face.

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Ah, I should have just bought her the first time I saw her! It was a Charles n Keith light gold sling-back, with a slim 2 and a half inches heel that could cost you almost RM200! After all it was the year-end sale and after 50% discount I could have owned her with just less than RM100! She’s killing and stunning but yet very nice and comfortable (PS: because I’ve worn my sis’ once)

Just so you know, for some reason why this ‘wait till tomorrow’ attitude is just…..wrong.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mr. Skeleton

Countdown to final (3 days excluding today)

It was a revision class with Prof Ezz. We covered kinda a lot but he got me lost during the final 30 minutes for it has been so long since I had a 2 hours lecture straight.

Arches of the foot

1. Longitudinal (medial and lateral)
- Spring & deltoid ligament (supports medial longitudinal arch)
- Short & long plantar ligament (supports both arches)
2. transverse
- supported by superficial & deep transverse plantar metatarsal ligament

Talus, calcaneus, cuneiforms, cubiod…
Going in and out my mind by turns.

Factors of arches maintenance

1. Beautifully designed bone structures
2. Ligaments bonded to adjacent bones
3. Strong fascia attachment (plantar aponeurosis)
4. Short muscles of sole
5. Tendons of muscle coming from outside foot

Weight lifting athlete might developed flat foot after some years for disruption of muscles, ligaments, bones & tendons.
Any congenital factor especially in babies caused by abnormalities of bones formation resulted in flat foot.

And starting at this point, my mind goes on a trip. If I were Prof Ezz, I would say;

Any circumstances that cause weakness of factors that maintaining foot arches would result in Nishikido Ryo’s foot.


But don’t worry Ryo-chan. We love you the way you are =)

Lord! The bony thingy really drives me crazy. The attachments (origins and insertions) are best memorized by applying it onto real bones or specimen. Sheessshhhh.. Now how I wish I were a walking skeleton!

As I quote our dean, Prof Dato’ Nik said;
“During my medical student days back in Alex, each student has a set of bones for us to revise”

Momma! Can I have this for my 20th birthday? Puh-liizzzz

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