surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Friday, February 14, 2014

Common sense VS freedom of action

Salam and hi!

Talking about common sense could be damned baffling sometimes. Because everybody has different standard to what common sense means to them. Though I would say definition of common sense depends of what kind of mentality you have. I will leave that for you to ponder.

While some people has different opinion as to what is common sense and what is freedom of action or individual rights, let's get very basic as to what is lack of common sense. Believe me they are all around you (if you yourself are not).

1. The room is filled with bright sunlight and some people still choose to switch on the light (does not apply if it's out of your control, centralized switch control for instance)
2. Talking loudly (or making noise) next to someone who is sleeping
3. Talking loudly (or making noise) near to someone who is performing salah
4. (Ever so common) do-not-use-signals-on-road attitude
5. Ordering menus at a restaurant in a rude manner and lack of respect to people just because she's a waitress
6. Waitress who thinks customers cannot always be right and does not even smile while taking orders
7. Walking in a big group in the hallway with a damned slow speed and blocking ways for other people who apparently walk faster
8. Do not smile while saying thank you
9. Do not say thank you at all
10. Squatting on a sitting toilet bowl at a public toilet!

And of course the many other example.

If you did any one above so very often but most of the time you forgot that it is suppose to be a common sense or you did not notice other people are badly affected with your lack of common sense, it's time to self-reflect Ma'am/Sir.

I would say scrolling down smartphones while being at a dining table is lack of common sense. But people with smartphones would state otherwise. Apparently it's what they call lifestyle.
Again with the smartphone issue.

Next time I smile to you, please smile back and mean it

Salam and hi!

So near yet so far. This is something literally and figuratively. Imagine being side by side to someone (or even talking to them) yet you still do not feel connected. What have gone wrong? Sometimes it's nothing personal but you just cannot reach their heart and they cannot reach yours. 

Believe me I have asked myself this for ages.

I don't always get to look at people in the eyes and talk to them or smile. But I have tried a lot of times. Just because I want to spent a very short moment even if it was only for a few seconds that there's only us and let's forget about everybody else around. For that few seconds I would give my most genuine smile and waiting for them to smile back.

There are always two reactions.

1. Those who will smile back right away but ask why
2. Those who will smile hesitantly and make weird face and ask why

And I will always answer 'nothing, I just wanna smile to you'. Then there's another two reactions.

1. Those who will continue smiling
2. Those who will say 'oookaayyyy' and continue an awkward smile

Touching hearts is not easy. How often do you feel connected to someone by just looking at them in the eyes? Or by just holding their hands for a few seconds or by talking to them.

Did you mean what you said? Did you mean what you did? Did you mean how you felt?

I wanna mean what I said. I wanna mean what I did. I wanna mean how I felt.
And exactly what I've been trying to do.

Nevertheless sometimes I just gave up on some people. Those who continuously checking up their smartphone while talking to me. Those who do not even bother to look at me in the eyes while talking to me. Those who do not put their whole heart into words they said.

So from that day and onwards I treated them the same way. Sometimes I do try to fix things but there are times when some things have gone too far that you can't get them back. Some things are just badly broken that you can't do anything to fix it. Some things just do not want to be fixed!

I did not gave up on you. You gave up up on me first.
I am aware myself needs fixing too. I need more hearts to touch and I wish more will touch mine. I want heart connection.

Maybe I still have issues with those who abuse smartphones and become ignorant.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mind your manner

Salam and hi!

I am never good with crowd. Not good with loud places, or people. I am not a loud person myself. Even so, there are things you can tolerate and there are things that you just can't.

My point about cannot tolerating people being too loud however does not revolve around being loud per se. But it's when the manner itself compromised common courtesy.

Imagine a group of girls dining in at a regular kedai makan, family restaurant, fastfood restaurant or even at their very own faculty cafe. Girls are being girls. They chitchat they laugh. Perhaps sometimes (if not all the time) they laugh a little too loud (or F-ing too loud) that many find them disturbing.

1. It's a public place yes but public place does not equal to you-can-make-noises-freely place
2. If your intention is to draw attention of the opposite gender, please know that hysteric kind of laugh is a major turn off
3. If your intention is to show off to other people you have a group of crazy and fun friends to hangout with, please know that lack of public respect and common sense is not something to be proud of
4. If you do not have neither number 2 nor 3 above, please work on your common sense and manner
5. It is so wrong to see females who preach about religion a lot acting the opposite instead (read:being disrespectful)

If I could, I would choose to not sit at the same table. It's embarrassing to not have basic manners.

Give a damn

Salam and hi!

Trying to start writing again and trying to be myself as much as I could are two different things. And these two different things are so hard to do, be it in the same occasion or even if it's mutually exclusive.

I started writing diary since I was 9 and I find it thrilling to have one secret book and write anything you want in it. How you feel, what you wanna do. When I was younger, I want to keep the book all to myself. I would rather die than having anybody at all reading my diary. But as I grow older, I have this feeling that I wish I can share what I wrote about.

I don't know, probably because the burden of being an adult is that proportionally with age our problems get bigger too. That you can no longer keep them all to yourself. Only the problem about sharing problem with people is the mutual interest. You can't just walk up to someone and expect them to accept you and your problems. So I stick to writing. Instead of just writing a diary, maybe I should make a post or two about how I feel. Having in mind if anybody at all does care, (s)he will read them and know.

Then came this dilemma. Can I just write about how I feel, writing freely and laying the broken me in the form of words and let people read it. Is that the right thing to do? Still. Not many would understand.

[typing and deleting many many times]

I still need to get used to start writing and being myself.

Talking to people about your problems has greater impact than just write and hoping people would read (painful truth is that nobody gives a damn). That if you need help, I'm afraid the latter will further break your heart (at least it is in my case).

Amount of speech not congruent to the thought

Salam and hi!

What makes you who you are today? It's multifactorial. What you have gone through since the day you were born until the day you're still breathing today, everything must have taught you lessons; lesson of life.

These lessons of life are often informal, it comes spontaneously, unexpectedly. Which in some cases, if one failed to learn it'll just pass as another annoying or frustrating event of life. And the perk of experiencing be it the good, the bad or the ugly occasions is that it makes your life dynamic. It changes how you think, how you treat people, how you see things, how you would respond to the same thing differently or even how to overcome new things.

Apart of what I have gone through, my decisions of who or what I wanna be too, became what made me who I am.

There are (or were I am not sure) three main personal factors that make me who I am. That if I have all three, I can proudly say I am being myself, I'm not being someone else and this is me.

The me who thinks and be thoughtful
The me who is able to talk about her thoughts
The me who is able to write about her thoughts

Honestly, I will naturally think a lot. I guess this is nothing new, we all do. And I love to talk (originally) and I love to write. Talking about the dynamics of life affected by all the experiences you gone through and decisions you made (in this case what I've gone through and what I made) I find as if it's better for me to not talk and to restrict my writing (which later I find it wrong).
Since I've explained the reason why I stopped writing in my previous two post, this post will reveal why I decide to stop public speaking and talking to other people as in general.

I used to be a debater and I enjoyed my years as one. I started as early as when I was 14 and it lasted throughout high school, pre-university and the first two years of MBBS. Later I find my interest changed. I decided to stop debating for a lot of complicated reasons.

1. Joining tournaments consumed a lot of my days. Some days I had to miss one whole week of lectures
2. I am not really a bright student and I feel bad for myself for skipping lectures
3. I am the only one in the whole class (of 57 students) who joined the English debate team (we have Arabic and Malay debaters though but I guess they don't have as many tournament). Things get hard if you don't have people with the same interest especially when you need to skip a lot of classes
4. Being the only debater in class also means I don't have anyone to practice with. Number one because majority of my classmates do not speak English as communication medium extensively and number two because I don't really have friends
5. Having no friends adds up to the stress of not having moral and mental supports everytime I'm joining tournaments
6. Lack of practice made my debating skill rusty. Rusty debate skill made me feel intimidated to join more tournaments
7. And the vicious cycle starts and continues

Hence bring me to a decision to stop debating. Which is sad. Stopped debating also means losing the only talking friends I probably have. Next thing I figured, I've stopped talking and giving speech in a drastic manner.

Thinking and talking is closely interrelated. You talk about what you think about. Whilst talking makes your brain keeps working and processing about what you should speak next. This cycle is what makes you speech fluent. That's why practice is very important for public speaking. As my public speaking activity ceased and what more not having regular friends to talk to even in regular basis, I feel as if my brain is dying!

Not being able to do what you love is indeed frustrating and sad. And in this case, it is not based on my personal decision primarily, but rather after taking into account and considering a few other factors. My confidence level is deteriorating these days.

And that's how I've lost the me I was. I'm hoping I can find her soon.

Being in places that don't make you feel belonged sometimes makes you wonder are you at the right place, being with the right people, and making the right decision.

Finding the missing part of me

Reason to cry

Salam and hi!

Everybody cries.
But not everybody cries for the same reason.

A small matter to you might be big for other people and what appears a big deal to you might not be important to them.

Hence the conclusion.

1) everybody struggles. In different things, differently
2) be sensitive

I guess smartphones and gadgets has desensitized people from their surrounding, making them less sensitive and ignorant.

Hope next time I can put up pics from my personal collection

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I really should start writing again

Salam and hi!

So I haven't been updating for months now. But I guess I can't be giving the same excuse this time, as I did like gazilion times before which was I've been busy with studies. Because truth is, I never was (I'm not a typical medical student and I don't study that hard and that much).

I've taken a damned long break from writing and there are a lot of reasons why.

1) I've lost interest in writing
2) I've no idea as of what to write about
3) A lot of my friends have been shutting down their blogs (they had!) because I don't know maybe Twitter and tumblr is more popular now
4) Do I even have loyal readers still?
5) I thought I should stop lingering on the net and take studies more seriously now (which I know will never work because I apparently only study whenever I feel like it)
6) I'm tired of being myself and write what I Iove about and eventually being judged because of it
7) Or I can't even find myself through writing anymore because I could only write what pleases people and a big chunk of my thoughts need to be cropped and filtered before I could actually publish them simply because I don't want people to judge me
8) I don't want people to judge me from my reckless posts
9) So I need to take months off and reflect on what I should and shouldn't do. To neutralize myself before starting to write again
10) A few points are interrelated

And after giving a long thought about it, at last a decision is made. That I will start writing again!

That's me on my Twitter a few hours ago
Actually there are 2 major and 1 minor reasons why I wanted to start writing again. 

Major reason number one is because I'm getting worse in expressing myself verbally. Not primarily because I don't talk to people. But rather it's because I don't talk to people secondary to people not listening to me. And it hurts so bad not having someone to talk to. I was almost psychotic trying to bottle everything inside so I guess the best way is to let them out in a different way read:writing. Something I thought I'm quite okay at (if not good).

Major reason number two is *drumrolls* because of a guy. Well gender probably is not the main point here. I accidentally 'bumped' into this one blog virtually, and reading it makes me wanna write again. Honestly I've came across a lot of good writers before (be it non-fictional books, novels or blogs) but this one, made me missed the old me so much. I felt so connected with one of his particular post.

The particular blogpost that moved me
This blog belongs to Redza Minhat. The one some of us (if not all) knows as an actor and probably not many of us knows as an investment analyst. What probably only I know is that he is one of MCKK's oldboys! (again that is not the main point).

I figured that the main reason why I almost gave up writing is because I wasn't being myself. Instead of writing about what matters to me, I write about what matters to other people instead. I write just to please people. To make people happy (which in the end took its toll on me because you can't please everybody!) I fear of people judging me for instance if I use the 'F' word. Of course that's just one of the many examples. I'm tired being a good girl just because people expect me to. I don't have that many friends while being a good girl now it won't differ much if I am a b*tch anyway.

Back to the main issue. So the one minor reason why I wanted to start writing again is because I probably have a lot of time to kill. Now this is the tricky part.

I am a medical student yes.
I am only a year and a few months away from my final MBBS exam yes.
I do have a lot of subjects to study yes.
I should use most of my time studying instead of doing something else yes.
But I only study whenever I feel like it.
Hence explains why I claimed to have a lot of time to kill.
So there.

Redza wrote 'hear,hear' at every end of his post. Does that means he was once a debater too? I like!

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