surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The live-action

I haven't had my hands on jdrama for quite sometime, for some reasons. Well, let alone.

And since then, a lot of things had happened including the remake of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and the second season of Boss. I still haven’t checked out both, I wonder if I really have gone less interested in Jdramas. But one thing that convinced me that I haven’t is this one ongoing drama!

If you’re an anime-otaku, you sure have came across this famous manga; Ouran high school host club. I’m not sure about the manga edition, but its anime action has a total of 26 episodes. And prepare to be surprise people; they are on live action now! Okay, I got it. This news isn’t that new anymore.

I seldom downloaded an ongoing drama (now that I think about it, I never), because I can’t tolerate the dying feel to wait a week (or more) for the episodes to be English subbed and uploaded by particular subbing teams, but seems like Ouran broke the record after all.

My virgin notion on this drama is that, it will definitely be comical and anime-like (which I see as the only way to portray the original strength and identity of each character).

The reason why I’m too curious how this drama would turn out;

1) How will Haninozuka-senpai looked when he’s piggybacked on Mori-senpai’s shoulder.
2) How will the Hitachiin twins; Hikaru and Kaoru, naturally act around each other with a lot of skin ship without looking awkward.
3) How would Haruhi, who disguised as a guy and joined host club seems. (I have a feelings it’s pretty much the same as Horikita Maki in Hanakimi).
4) How exaggerated is Kyouya-senpai’s family properties; the indoor tropical park, the super big luxurious mansion by the seashore (this might ain’t a big deal anyway)

Takagi twins as Hitachiin twins

Hani-senpai and Mori-senpai

I’ve watched 2 episodes so far and seems like my notion was right. It is comical and anime-like. The live-action is pretty much like its original anime, plus its 30 minutes airing time.

Still it’s an interesting drama to watch, but don’t expect too much.

Ps: how I wish it was Yuuri Chinen play the role of that cute Haninozuka-senpai.
Pss: Takagi twins play the role of the Hitachiin twins

Yuuri Chinen, HeySayJump!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

When nothing else matters

When nothing else matters
Is when an unseen circle engraved all around you
That cut apart between two worlds
One world outside the circle where it doesn't matter
One world inside the circle where all that matters

When one is detached from reality
They called themselves living in fantasy
Claiming they're floating across the sky
But the most insecure of all
Is about the fact that they could never fly
And thus die in the world of delusion

When nothing else matters but the inconspicuous delusions

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