surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Saturday, February 26, 2011

My February 26 prologue

4 events
3 places I need to be at
2 rejections
1 happy moment

The date is February 26 2011

4 events
-USIM Health Conference in Renaissance Hotel
-USIM inter-faculty debate, vice chancelor cup in FSU, USIM
-USIM inter-faculty netball league at USIM pavilion
-4th inter-medical debate in UM

3 places I need to be at
-USIM inter-faculty debate, being the adjudicator
-USIM inter-faculty netball league, being the WA (Wing Attack)
-4th inter-medical debate, debating

2 rejections
-I turned down the adjudicator invitation
-I missed my netball match

1 happy moment
-We made it to final and won the 3rd place for the inter-medical debate. Alhamdulillah.

from left: Sandra Jean Lee, Gan Weh Kiat, Seng Juong, me, and Hanisah (not in pic Kak Atikah)

They're from IMU and they won the 1st place. Congrats you guys! :)

Ps: this inter-medical debate is BP btw, British parliamentary style :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just when I thought it's over, it arises

You've got your problems, I've got mine
I could ask for your consultation, you could ask for mine
We could refuse too
What if I refused your consultation that I didn't ask for?
Does that make me a selfish bitch?

Forgive me, it's in the gene
Phenotype only to be expressed at times

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What freaks me out?

What freaks me out at the moment?

1) Counting down to pro exams
2) This pic

At first glance, what would you think this is?
Popliteal fossa? Oh, nope that’s a bit too off.

Here’s the hint


Does it ring a bell?

Blood pressure?
Batu Pahat?
Boiling point?

Remind me on this within a week.

Ps: Zul, thanks for the linkwithin =)
Pss: Intermedical debate motions are out! Sob3 (T_T) Freaking! Ops here another hint y’all

Monday, February 14, 2011

Learn to let go Part 2

Learn to let go part 2 (I missed you)

Do you know how much I missed you? Honestly things weren’t planned that night. I had to do something important when another thing came up. Pretty much forced to do the came-up-thing instead settling my had-to-do-thing. But thanks to that, though we haven’t been exchanging news that often now, all it takes was a phone call to reach you and I made it to meet you…

After a struggle to heap up 2 teams of 4 for this coming vice chancellor cup debate, I immediately booked them for a briefing and practice that night. Apart from Kak Atikah, I am assigned to handle the training too. As much commitment I hope they would give, I know with equal volume I need to offer, until suddenly Syera asked me to attend AKSIS (Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Siswa USIM) as spectator on behalf of our MSC (medical student club). Witnessed how suffering Syera tried to find people to go, at last I cancelled the training and off we went to Nilai; along with 3 representatives of MSC, DSC (dental student club), JAKSA, and MPP respectively. Btw that was on February 9, 2011.

And that was how I got to meet you!

romatic date on the landscape

Being with my bff Aziey is simply equals to camwhoring! Our heads are just equally nuts =P

Dear Aziey,
I’m much cute-r than you and we both know that =P
Having said this, I know you hate me ~lol~
But sincerely you’ve got sweeter smile (winks)
I love you

Learn to let go, God must have planned something prettier ahead

We’re disappointed if what we wanted didn’t go our way (who doesn’t?), but I always think life as a small pocket; soon you’ll realize it’s too tiny that you can’t fit everything inside. When that time comes, you know you just have to let go.

Ps: Btw Fazli, if you’re reading this post, your emceeing wasn’t that bad ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Learn to let go

There’ll be times when a lot of things happened at a time that leaves you to choose. Knowing you can’t have it all your way, you’ll have to learn to let go.

I’m no good debater
I’m no good netball player
But what debate and netball have in common
Is because I enjoy them

The date is February 26, 2011
USIM vice Chancellor Cup is up for grab again. Tournament falls on February 25, 26 & 27, and March 5 & 6. Obviously I can’t join as stated in rules, university debaters aren't allowed to. Somehow I was asked to be the adjudicator.

The date is February 26, 2011
The faculty netball league has just started last month. This February 26 & 27 is going to be our 3rd & 4th match respectively.

The date is February 26, 2011
Inter-medical school debate tournament is held in UM.

Having said this, somehow I have a strong sense of déjà vu. Maybe because I had to give up on my hockey stick when I was 16 for the hockey qualifying practice clashes my debate qualifying training.

So I know I have to let go of certain things. Here’s what I’m going to do;

1. I won’t be the adjudicator for the vice chancellor cup
2. Join the inter-medical school debate on February 26 and miss my 3rd netball match
3. Be in action for our netball faculty league 4th match on February 27
4. Give some moral support for my FPSK juniors if they made breakout the vice chancellor cup quarter final round on March 5 & 6

There’ll be times when a lot of things happened at a time that leaves you to choose. Knowing you can’t have it all your way, you’ll have to learn to let go. Some decisions in life too, it could hurt yes but you should start learning how to let go.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shall I compare thee~

I know 1 girl who changes her boy friends like she changes handphones. Yea it’s not often, but she affords it. And it’s the same girl who says ‘Well, that’s chick!’ with a wink when I ask ‘How can you eat that burger without smudging your lipstick?’

~shall I compare thee to plastic roses~


I’m just fine…
I’m just fine being home…

me, didin, sis addie

Apart from a younger brother who uses my facial products and perfume
Apart from a sister who keeps complaining how much cholesterol I take in a meal
Apart from a mum who’ll blabber when I didn’t finish up veggies in my plate
Honestly I’m just fine being home

Oh, but I can’t. Second half of the term is open this Monday and pro exam is seriously approaching!

Let’s get to work people!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last night

Last night

I was extra worried

Extra worried the fan would chill solemn

Extra worried the rain would fall hard

Extra worried the mosquitoes would bite

Extra worried the dim light would be too bright

Extra worried the cicadas would be too loud

Extra worried the dreams would make me terrified

Last night

I was extra worried

But now that morning has come

Don’t worry, I’ll be just fine

Turquoise ribbon that reminds me of the blue roses

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