surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I've got to say

It hurts to not have a shoulder to cry on...

But what hurts the most is when you can't lean despite having it exist..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sakura Girl

I might be not adoring NEWS as early as when Yamapi was a single thin boy, since Ryo acted in 1 liter of tears, since Tego was so small and often got bullied every time NEWS was the guest of Hey!Hey!Hey!, since Koyama just freshly graduated high school, since Shige was still in his 2nd year of high school, since Massu just started his muscle training, since Uchi, Kusano, Moriuchi were a part of the group (now these 3 are no longer in it); that was 7 years ago.

Now that Yamapi has become a macho masculine guy, Ryo worked hard in both NEWS and Kanjani 8 and starring in dramas, Tego has turned manly, Koyama has graduated Meiji University, Shige graduated Aoyama College majoring in law, Massu considered the most muscular member in the group (despite his cute face LOL), I love them more.

After releasing their 3rd album, Color in 2008, all members started their solo activities; Mc-ing, dramas, movies, modeling, solo albums. I haven’t heard much about them until they released their 13th single Sakura Girl on this recent March 31st.

Some PV's cut scenes of each members

Finally after 1 year and 10 months hiatus, the members gathered again launching their 4th album called LIVE on September 15th 2010.

Album cover

Featuring a total of 13 tracks including Sakura Girl unplugged version. Recently I watched the MV on youtube;

It presents both the MV and the ‘behind the scene’ part. At 6:14 where all members just got in to the studio for rehearsal, they started to feel embarrassed for they came in with too laid back outfits whilst other staffs are being casual. It made me giggle how Koyama, Yamapi and Ryo said ‘hazukashii nee kore’ (this is embarrassing ain’t it) LOL.

Watching this MV I’ve made a conclusion that I’ve never seen anything like this before; all members were too overwhelmed in the atmosphere that they closed their eyes most of the time throughout the recording! It shows how the song has a strong sentimental vibrant in it.

To put LIVE as a whole, NEWS has turned much more mature in this 4th album. The piece of music in most tracks is more well-coordinated and tidier than their previous music concept.

My favorite track is Naiyou no nai Tegami (Letter without details). It holds a potent R&B resonance that’s enough to make me sway =D. At 2:04 when Koyama sings the 2nd part or 2nd verse, I personally think he has a similar voice as Uchi Hiroki, the former NEWS member.

Anyways, NEWS no minasan, okaeri~ (^_^)v

Still it was the best day of my life!!

I mean literally it was. Why?
My boy band NEWS just released their latest album on September 15? (Happy but that’s not it)
Went to UM to watch the 8th Inter-medical school Physiology Quiz? (Minor)
Bumped into the guy I admire at the parking lot? (Minor. Err ok this is average)
Being praised I looked cute? (Minor)
Went to Cikgu ARHO’s open house and got to eat lemang and rendang for free? (Minor)

But went to Cikgu ARHO’s open house was the pinpoint of it. Actually going to his house wasn’t a part of the plan. After the Physiology Quiz I was supposed to go back with Kak Dijah, but they claimed it would be too crowded having 4 chicks at the back of a Kancil and suggested I should ride with my junior Hanisah who’s later going to the open house. And that was how it all started.

Scene 1:
I was happily stuffing in my favorite lemang and rendang when Cikgu ARHO came and asked whether I’m able to speak Japanese. Ah! Well could a little, but it surprised me how he knew that. He claimed some juniors told him. Slowly I got to grasp on what’s going on. Cikgu has a Japanese guest; a friend of his daughter who’s currently having a summer vacation and since everybody’s busy Cikgu asked any of us who’s willing to entertain the guest. *gasp* I realized my eyes rounded and sparkled for some reasons. “Cikgu let me entertain him!” so I said without a doubt.

Scene 2:
I went to the kitchen, he was sitting there silently eating (alright he was using chopsticks). Next to him were Cikgu’s daughter and another friend. I placed my plate on the table and was like
“Ano sumimasen, anata wa nihonjin desu ka?” (Excuse me, are you Japanese?)
He actually seemed so shocked unexpectedly having someone speaking Japanese to him and replied
“Hai, sou desu” (Yes, that’s true)
By this time he has somehow stopped eating and looked at me anticipating what I would say next
“sugoi! O rearu no nihonjin ga hajimete mieta, nanka hontou ni ureshii desu!” (Great! This is the first time I met real Japanese, I somehow felt so happy!)
And still hasn’t recovered from the surprise he said
“hontou ni? Demo nihongo wa jozu desu ne” (Really? But your Japanese Language is good)
Oh Lord! I’m double happy!
“Kochi ni suwatte ii?” (Is it ok if I sit here?) Pointing the seat next to him
“Ii yo, douzo douzo” (It’s fine, plese help yourself)

If you ask me how he looked like, I thank god he’s not as heart-throbbing as Haruma Miura, not as cool as Akanishi Jin or Kamenashi Kazuya, not as cute as Yamada Ryosuke. Or else I would have fainted the first thing at the moment! I would say he’s an average looking guy and he’s so nice and friendly. Hey! Even I have smaller eyes than him LOL. The name is Nasuno Satoshi from Niigata prefecture, 23 years old and currently in year 4 engineering.

He claimed his English is not so good (so does my Japanese), but I have no choice but to start conversing in Japanese. Surprisingly we chatted well! The thing is I’ve been learning the language for some time now, but never stood a chance to test the skill. So yeah! That’s what made me happy.

The next thing I remembered was there only us left sitting and talking, while everybody else was busily going in and out the kitchen. We talked for almost an hour; from family, siblings, friends, school, and studies to hobbies, favorite food, music, novel etc; from Japan to Malaysia.

I told him I like NEWS from Johnny's Entertaiment

I told him I like Kanjani 8 from Johnny's Entertainment

I told him I read the English translation of Haruki Murakami novel

And he’s amazed!

We swapped email address too!

This is Nasuno. I don't lie when I said I have smaller eyes!

The instant miso soup that he gave me!

Ps: Nasuno, kore kara yoroshiku! (winks)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Enjoy Bridging

I enjoy listening to songs. And when I say I listen, I listen and observe. We all love music; listening to it most of the times, but how well do you know about what you’re listening to? I didn’t focus the issue to only the meaning of song lyrics; it’s actually the elements of the lyrics that I’m talking about.

Whether you realize it or not these are the elements of a song, a normal one.

- Intro
- Verse
- Chorus
- Bridge
- Outro

Intro is no doubt the introductory of a song; usually a paragraph consists of four lines or depends. Then the paragraph of verse comes second. Verse will gradually increase the thrill in listening. Whilst all of you know the meaning of chorus; the part which is potentially repeated several times throughout the song and outro; the paragraph towards the end of the song, so what on Earth is bridge? Bridge is the part of the song that’s nothing like the other parts; intro, verse, chorus, outro.

Intro usually has a slow rhythm pace. It may elicit the trace of its own uniqueness. As intro is considered the most vital part of a song (for it determines whether or not 1st-time listener would further listening to it or simply press the ‘next’ button on the mp3). It sometimes could extract the outline of mysterious, longing, melodramatic as well as ecstatic.

When we talk about verse, there is a possibility that more than 1 verse is composed (usually 2). Since verse is typically recited likely before chorus, even if there are 3 verses (particularly 3 times chorus repetition), more often than not its melody is the same even though the lyrics are different.

Come to the chorus: melody-wise, rhythm-wise, harmony-wise all are set to its peak. That’s why most people unknowingly favored singing the chorus part in shower.

Here comes the bridge. If it’s the first time this has crossed your mind, as I said earlier bridge holds different mood compare to other part and what makes it special is it will only be recited once and no same melody or note or line is used again. The significant of a bridge is that it would draw listeners to get a grasp that the climax of a song in just around the corner. Which part is the climax? Of course it’s the chorus part. The same line recited but with slightly higher notes.

Outro is where the rhythm gets slow again as to reach the end of the song. Some songs emphasize it with instruments exaggeration (especially jazz or R&B), some may just repeat some lines of the intro.

So what do you anticipate when listening to a song? What do I anticipate when listening to a song; any at all is its bridge. I’m always looking forward to each bridge for it gives some sort of different dimension of the song. But there are songs without bridge. YUI for example, most of her songs are plain verse-chorus form. Still I love listening to her music. But what thrills me recently is that I figured out one of her songs which its original version has no bridge, when it’s sung in acoustic version the bridge is there! It’s the song ‘Goodbye days’.

So up until this part we all know songs have a fundamental element that is repetition. But have you ever noticed any songs without repetition? I mean even though the verse and chorus parts are sang using the same melody or music, but from the beginning until the end, none of the lines are the same; not even the chorus. And FYI there is. It’s called ‘through-composed’ music. For example the song ‘Watashi Kagami’ by Yasuda Shouta (one of the Kanjani 8 members). Yassu is well-known in his band as a guy who enjoys writing lyrics, that’s why he could compose such a long lyrics that made up this 5 minutes song of his; Intro to outro without repetition!


Anyways, I’m enjoying bridging.

Ps: can read more here

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The truth and what counts

the qualities and features that made up a person
the various aspects of a person’s character that combine to make them different from other people.

There are a lot of personality theories. Do you know what personality you hold?

I rather say personality is alienated into 2;
characters that you think you have and characters that people think you have.

What is personality to you? Either one or both?

But which one counts?

Does public concern or shall I say public approval is the ultimate authority for one’s personality? Or does it have to be pure from within? Even so, when no one but you were aware of who you are people will talk.

So actually does public concern literally killing the untainted soul that you try to nurture?

Were you who you think you are?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Le étage de Raya part 3

3rd Syawal, it was a fine cold morning

sunrise underneath the roof

So we went to a total of 3 houses; Pak Long’s house in Shah Alam, Uncle Rahman’s house at Kota Damansara and Aunty Ika’s house at Damansara Height.

Céad mile fáilte is a common greeting or salute in Ireland. It literally means hundred thousand welcomes and pronounced as, ok don’t ask me how to pronounce this; even though it looks a little bit like French, truth is it isn’t. That’s a greeting on Pak Long’s door by the way.

2nd house is Uncle Rahman’s. Who is he? Well it’s a bit complicated that I can’t make this public. Perhaps enough me saying he is dad’s friend. The best thing going to his house apart from the duit raya, is the dishes; his wife, Aunty Sue’s cook is really good. (But I can’t just snap pic of food here, it’s considered rude).

3rd house is Aunty Ika’s and she’s my 1st sister’s mother-in-law.

What I love about coming here is that I get to meet my nephew, Abdullah Anas! Ok maybe the rest of the entry is going to be all about him.

Anas is a 16 month-old boy and he’s growing up fast! Born on May 15th 2009 prematurely when he was 7 month-old weigh only 1.5 kg, but now he’s another healthy little caliph living.

I love it when he sees a cat and says ‘kat’
When we’re traveling in a car and says ‘ka’
When he eats an apple and says ‘appow’
When he plays a ball and says ‘bow’
When he wears new shoes and says ‘shuu’

He pronounced with an English accent! Missed him already. By the time I meet him the next holidays sure he could already call me Aunty Za properly!

So that’s the end of part 3.

Ps: Countdown to go back to GlenView, dokidoki of packaphobia has started!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Le étage de Raya part 2

So the 2nd Syawal began with an early in the morning journey to Negeri Sembilan; we the 4 siblings were cramped at the backseat of a CRV.

Well it wasn't that bad

3 out of 4

3 hours or so ride and we reached Kampung Rantau, Negeri Sembilan (dad’s side granny) before noon. The best thing about celebrating raya here is I can eat as much lemang and rendang as the main course!

For my information, almost all parts of Kampung Rantau are my relatives, distant relatives; 3rd, 4th or 5th cousin. This is as a result of more than 10 generations back; one territory is controlled by one puak. We didn’t visit them though, since dad said he only knows the generation of my granny and the generation of my great-granny. Since most of them had gone and left the later generation, it has became too far that’s enough to make sense you don’t knock their door out of nowhere. But I have to say, their faces are kinda familiar when it comes to relatives wedding.

So this time it was a total of 6 houses, from Rantau, along Chembong, Lubok China, Ramuan China, Taboh Naning, Tampin and Brisu. What I love the most travelling along jalan kampung is because it’s not hot, even though it’s a small 2 lanes road; the scenery of traditional Minangkabau houses with wide green yard creates some sort of longing sensation.

The 4th house was Tok Rehsan’s house (late grandpa’s brother) in Tampin. Every time I stepped into his house, I know a year has passed by; we really only come and visit him once a year! Smiling and welcoming us he said “Baguih la ekau datang, eden ado bondo nak coghito ni ha”. Saspen la plak Tok Rehsan ni. What is it actually that he wanted to tell?

Commercial break: Jalan-jalan raya

SMJK Pulau Sebang. So what’s with this school? If you Google out, this school is located in Melaka and FYI I snapped this pic when I was in Negeri Sembilan LOL; because the road that we’re on itself is the boundary of Pulau Sebang, Melaka and Tampin, Negeri Sembilan.

Spotted A is SMJK Pulau Sebang

I see, that means most probably its students live in Negeri Sembilan and go to school in Melaka. And so mum said “Sama la mcm awk, bukan ke awak duduk kat Kluang, tp solat kat Batu Pahat”.

This is the best I could get

As you can see, North to Jalan Batu Bahat is the Batu Pahat district (spotted red, where our nearest mosque is located) and South to it is the Kluang district (where my house, Kampung Kurnia is located. And if people go further South is Felda Ayer Hitam). So whenever people asked me where I live in Kluang, easier I answer Felda Ayer Hitam (most haven’t even heard of Kampung Kurnia). But I hated it when they then say “Oh Ayer Hitam tu bukan Kluang, tu Batu Pahat”. Ughh! I felt like illustrating the map myself and say “I live in Kluang, not Ayer Hitam!” (obviously Felda Ayer Hitam and Ayer Hitam itself are 2 different places)

-The end of commercial break-

“Ekau ingat laie abang ekau yang ekau tak ponah jumpo tu? Sobona eh maso poso aghi tu dio ado jumpo eden kat pasar, kato nak la ghapatkan balik hubungan. Elokla ekau datang ni, buleh la eden sughoh Busu tolong bawakkan ekau poie ghumah dio kat boghisu”

Translation: kau ingat lagi abang kau yang kau tak pernah jumpa tu? Sebenarnya masa puasa ari tu dia ada jumpa aku kat pasar, kata nak rapatkan balik hubungan. Elokla kau datang ni, boleh la aku suruh Busu tolong bawakkan kau pegi rumah dia kat Brisu (Tok Busu is Tok Rehsan’s brother btw).

Dad has 2 older brothers he never met ever since he was born; of different mother, because my late grandpa was divorced with his first wife (the mother for dad’s 2 brothers), before grandpa married grandma. So the Jejak Kasih episode was about to begin.

It was about evening when we arrived at his house. I never stood a chance to meet grandpa for he passed away years before I was born, but when we saw an old man with white hair in front of the lawn welcoming us, right away mum said “That must be him, he looks exactly like your late grandpa”.

Almost 59 years they were parted, the date was 2nd Syawal witnessed dad and his long-lost biological brother got together. They had a nice long chat. His name is just like my dad’s; Zainudin, but Zainudin bin Jantan (dad is Zainudin bin Samsudin . According to him, his only sibling (dad’s another biological brother) passed away few years back. The problem with the older generation (era when IC hasn’t been introduced yet) is that they tend to have more than 2 names. My late grandpa for instances, dad lived with grandpa by the name Samsudin bin Hassan, but uncle Zainudin claimed he knew his father as Jantan bin Sanusi; that’s why if they were to find each other by names, it won’t work. But Alhamdulliah 2 long-lost siblings were reconnected.

Ps: Coming up is part 3. And I personally think it's the hardest part to edit =)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Le étage de Raya part 1

Usually we spend half day at home entertaining local residential baraan (Javanese term for Marhaban), and by noon we’ll be going back to Batu Pahat. But this year 1st Syawal was celebrated at Batu Pahat, Johor (mum’s side granny) for the 1st time. Left home at 7am and we arrived just before they started Solat Eid at masjid kampung.

Most of my cousins were there including lil cousin Huda

She's as white as a doll with round eyes and curly hair!

After salam2, makan ketupat, rendang, collecting duit raya then we started the visiting; a total of 8 houses of relatives, zuhur at Mak Long Nah’s house and Asar at one classical surau kampung.

Bet you can't see anything like this at the city

The 5th house was Mak Long Nah’s. Initiated by the story of rendang, moving on to cerita daging batang pinang berapa ringgit sekilo, moving on to the story of the best breed cow for Qurban. Dad as a veterinarian sure can’t stop talking about this. So here’s the story of selembu.

The memoirs of selembu
Ever heard of that word? Due to dad, it was a mixed between the gene of seladang and lembu; which is theoretically and practically impossible! Why? Because their DNA are somehow different from one another and don’t cope well. But back in Institut Haiwan Kluang, another reason why I’m proud my dad was once worked there apart from it’s the biggest Veterinary Centre in South East Asia, is because back in the 90s, there was a unit called ‘selembu’ when all other veterinary technology worldwide tried to have this species breed and failed. This tale of selembu began when one male seladang was somehow of unknown cause escaped from its seladang unit and went into the lembu unit (I can’t remember which lembu baka was it). Turned out to be this male seladang mated one female cow surprisingly by natural reproduction and reproduced the 1st filial selembu. An adult selembu is weigh over one tonne; almost twice normal breed cow! Aware of this profitable reproduction, local veterinarian suggested they started the selembu unit and do the AI (Artificial Insemination, called permanian beradas in Malay) to produce 2nd filial generation. The AI of this species was also presented to the veterinary centre of other countries. But the tragedy began when the 3rd filial generation of selembu was found sterile, even AI can’t help. So until the last selembu stood, that was the end of the chronicle of selembu. Afterwards many have tried to produce such species again, but failed. This is one mystery that no veterinarian could explain. Subhanallah! How He allowed such species to exist back in the 90s specifically in Institut Haiwan Kluang for only a few years when everyone else knows it was supposed to be impossible. The real preserved selembu is still kept in its museum.

That’s the end of selembu story. The 6th house was my atok sedara. He’s about the same age of my mum. Here the whole family was stunned by a shocking truth that mum, wasn’t able to speak in Malay when she started primary school. Dad who had married mum for almost 30 years too was laughing out loud in disbelief. And when mum began telling stories about her school days, I know I wasn’t able to stop laughing for the next 30 minutes.

Well it’s true though. Mum was raised in an almost pure Javanese family. And yes, then I am one Javanese girl who’s learning Japanese at the moment LOL. But hey, still I could understand Javanese a little. Our great-great-great granny due to mum, was from the mainland Java. So yeah, the blood is running inside of me.

So by dusk, we were back to Kluang and preparing for a journey to Negeri Sembilan the next morning.

Ps: Still working on the part 2. Please anticipate (winks)
2nd Ps: Even my lil bro Didin who's currently taking Agrotech claimed none of his friends ever known selembu existed. So there one ground for him to smug.

Le étage de Raya (Trailer)

Le étage de Raya’ is the French version of ‘Cheritera Raya’. And if I were to translate it to Japanese, I would be ‘O raya no Monogatari’. Maybe many don’t know I once took French when I was 13. It was a short 3 months of class. Yeah! It has turned rusty now for some reason. But at least there are some words I still remember in mind; for instances Je suis célibataire (maybe I'll teach you how to pronounce it next time). It means ‘I am single’ LOL.

So it’s supposed to be some story about how I celebrate my Eid. But this is just the preview of it. I’m still working on some editing. 3 days of Syawal, 3 states; Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, 3 different stories (ok maybe more). Just got back to Kluang last night and maybe mum would drag me along to visit some relatives in Kluang today.

The 1st part will be on very soon! Please anticipate (winks)

On sofa from left; me, Az (2nd bro), Didin (lil bro), Sis Addie (2nd sis), mum, Abg Razlan (Bro-in-law), Anas (nephew), Dad. Sit on left; Sis Hani (1st sis). Not in pic is Along and wife, Kak Farah.

Ps: Shoot! I looked tanner in pic!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid al-Fitr

While people are busy tagging on facebook, well I on the other hand chose for a simpler way of wishing people Eid. Posting on blog seems the easiest way to do this (tak payah tambah notifications yg sedia byk).

That’s not all. Hey! I’ve got an unbelievable truth to reveal here!

Ever concern of where your parents got the ‘sampul duit raya’ from? Did they actually buy it out of nowhere? Or did they get it for free by purchasing goods? Well, in the case of Tikah, Gugu, Didi, Lel maybe that’s true; free ‘sampul duit raya’ of 2pm, SNSD and Suju with every purchase of latest e-pop mag. And apparently it's not like that with my mum.

It was a few days back when my mum went out for a raya shopping along with my brothers; while my sister and I was left in the house taking care of curtains and stuff (I wonder how many Kilojoules calories of my arms were burn hanging up the curtains), the next thing I know when they got back was a car-boot full of goods and mum’s handbag-full of ‘sampul duit raya’. I never bother to ask.

So just now when mum asked me to help stuffing her ‘sampul’ with ‘duit raya’, then I asked out of curiosity;

“So, where did you get all these ‘sampul’? You withdrew money from the bank and they gave you for free, is it?”, since most of the ‘sampul’ were finance groups' official.

“Not really, they’ll give when you ask”

“Eh. But wait I don’t get it. There are Ambank Group, RHB Bank, OCBC Bank, Maybank, Bank Islam”

“Yep, I went in to the counter and asked for it”

“And they gave it? You went in to all these places just to ask for these? The same goes to these 'sampul' from Petronas, Parkson, Giant, Michelin?”

“We filled in gas, shopping and do some car services, then we asked”

“And they gave it?”

“That’s how things going on for years. Hey, they always provide that to customers”

Oh. Ok. And that was my mum by the way.

Salam Eid Mubarak to all =)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tribute to her

If you ask any of the students back in my days, none of us really liked her. She looks at you like everything you say is unethical, she rationalizes something you did wrong as if you’re the criminal, she has a wicked tongue that’s enough to make you cold-feeted if you’re called to enter her room. Some of the students would change route to avoid bumping into her in the hallway (including me LOL). These are just a part of she-freaked-me-out syndrome, funny how we started to see her as a friend rather than a teacher after we graduated.

The date was august 30, 2010. Miss Hajjah Safiah’s official farewell event was held; she’s promoted to Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF) Johor Bahru. Who is she? She’s the Senior Assistant of Students Affair (HEM) for my 5 rebellious years back in school.

You can say I’m 9 days late posting this, but I don’t care. This piece of tribute is specially dedicated to her. After some time in my life, I realized she’s one of the major people who have molded me being who I am now.

Actually I don’t know how to put it more beautifully. So I decided to post a link of a short autobiography written by my bff, Jaja =)

Miss Safiah, thanks for everything

Ps: Now, talking about her makes me feel so longing of my school days. Maybe some time soon I’ll post something about my school, Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Iskandar Mersing, Johor. Please anticipate =)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Because it's a secret

Why as humans, we're always craving for the truth? Isn’t it true that sometimes beautiful lies are better than the ugly truth? I thought I’ve learnt this phrase when I was in high school, but why are we still craving for the truth? Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this.

Speaking the truth is difficult. People hide it for various reasons. And the more you try to hide it, the more others try to open that door without knowing what is waiting for them there. And then they regret it. Why didn’t they just keep quiet? Dear persons hide the truth. That is trying not to hurt their loved ones, is a form of love.

A thin boundary
What to do when people ask you stuff? Easy, either you tell or you don’t.

Why do people tell?
Because it’s a necessity; eh, what time will the postponed class start?
Because it’s called concern and respect; excuse me, where’s the nearest washroom?
Because it’s interpersonal matters; where are you from?
Because that is trust; why are you crying?

So why don’t people tell?
Because it’s meant to promote independency; Prof, why does this graph different from the other?
Because it sounds matter-of- fact; so this means that she’s your ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend?
Because they don’t hold authority; why must death invites her first?
Because it’s supposed to be a secret

So we asked and get replies, some asked and never be told. If it’s secret and trust, there is a difference between caring and prying, a thin one. Some can’t even tell.

Care or pry, which one is you?

Nonetheless, people try to expose those secrets.
And then they regret it.
Why can’t they just keep quiet?
And let things be?
Or at least don’t rush to open the door, for it will be unlocked eventually, appropriately when the right time comes.

There are some things that are better left unexplained.

Himitsu dakara

*because it's a secret*

PS: Laylat al-Qadr is His secret, no defy

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Poet the poem

Earlier in my previous entry I had posted about the properties of words which is ‘words aren’t just words’. The principle of ‘words aren’t just words’ properties explains that it could be misleading, misunderstood and misjudging. You could check the evidence I fasten along back then.

And this time, the topic is words again. When I say I’m the type who looks beyond words, I actually didn’t mean to smug. It’s not even a talent; it’s just a habit of me interpreting words, and eventually leading me to come out with my own theories. It might not give any benefit to me or to anyone out there, but simply for self-satisfaction.

Not only am I the poet, I’m the poem.

Literature-wise the line holds some meaning. Let’s take a look at it in 2 aspects; figurative meaning and literal meaning.

Figurative meaning
It’s easy, the persona is telling that he’s not just the one who writes the poem, but he as well is the poem he wrote.

Easy? It sure does. Now let’s take a look at the literal meaning

The persona is trying to say that he didn’t write the poem for fun; instead he’s trying to express himself through the poem. Or in short, the poem is all about him. Well if you ask me, I would say that’s one of the ways the poet tells without even telling. To put it in general, there are 2 types of poet; the one who writes based on his observation, inspired by other people’s grief and joy. And another one is who writes based on his own experience, throwing his personal emotion on paper. Which of course if it is famous poets we’re talking about, either way is fascinating and obviously the line ‘Not only am I the poet, I’m the poem’ is quoted from the second type of poet.

Done with the elaboration, move on to examples

Type one poet

Stand still. The trees ahead and the bushes beside you
Are not lost. Whenever you are is called here
And you must treat it as a powerful stranger
Must ask permission to know it
And be known

-Lost by David Wagoner-

The type two poet

Call me strange
Whatever I do
No matter what I say
I’m still me
That doesn’t change a thing
Call me weird
So what if I am
Is that such a sin
Call me different
Because that’s what I am
Just don’t lie
Call me what I should be called

-Teen Poetry by Bridget Cohen-

What inspired me blabbering?

Ps: It's good to be home

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yo! That's rude ya know!

Maybe this is a response to Ummu’s ‘cermin atau simbolik’ post. A little bit about common sense it is.

It happened to me some time ago. To be exact, it was on the day I made my Charles & Keith Runaway debut to campus. To those newcomers who have no idea about it, it’s regarding the 4 inches-high Charles & Keith heels I owned from a 20% end-of-season sale at Mid Valley.

Mine is pretty much like this except the golden linings are all black lacings

Worn it to campus and as I expected my friends were too excited with it. So here comes the climax; I was on my way to the ladies when I passed the hallway crowded by some students waiting to ride the elevator. Judging from a lot of aspects, I could tell they are the juniors. Obviously they were chatting to each other when I passed through, but in a split second they were all in silent and looking at me; all at a time. If you wish me to describe, most probably it was a look of disbelief. But wait, I don’t need anyone to remind me I’m wearing a pair of 4 inches-high heels, I owned it of course it can’t be any higher than that.

Hey! That’s rude ya know!

Even if I’m inhumanly eye-catching, you don’t gawk at people. But if you persist, do it professionally without people noticing it; like I used to do.

As I quote our Physiology lecturer, Dr. Mahmud said

“Sometimes the problem about common sense is, it’s not that common at all”

Does this common sense I tried to propose isn’t really that common?
You decide

The perverted eyes

Ps: btw specially dedicated to Anie and Sofwa, welcome to the high heels club (winks)

Happy mode

My life according to Yui

Alright I know I’m a little bit too obsess about YUI, but just bear with it. What do you think about the Tomorrow’s way song? Nice ain’t it? Well if it’s not, then I feel sorry you don’t have as music-sensitive ears as I do. So here’s a tag, taken from old facebook notes. Reposting it here might sound like a great idea.

The rule is simple. Pick ONE ARTIST or BAND and answer all questions by using their song title. Try not to repeat the title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Repost it as “my life according to (band name)”.

Well I don’t intend to tag anyone. But help yourself if you’re interested.

Pick your Artist:

Are you a male or female?
Describe yourself:

How do you feel:
Am I wrong

Describe where you currently live:

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Tomorrow’s way

Your favorite form of transportation:
Free bird

Your best friend is:
To mother

What's the weather like:

Favorite time of day:

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Just my way

What is life to you:
winding road

Your fear:

What is the best advice you have to give:
It’s all right
Thought for the Day:
Oh my god

How I would like to die:
I can’t say

My soul's present condition:
feel my soul

My motto:
Never say die

Mid semester assessment is over with anatomy yesterday. Got Arabic paper waiting after Eid holidays but at this rate of having our ‘balik kampung’ mode, we could hardly declare it as an assessment; no one’s worrying. Friends started going back as early as 1 pm; right after our last lecture ended.

Take care going home guys! See ya’ll in 2 weeks time, with His will.

Happy celebrating the final nights of Ramadhan
Happy celebrating Eid

Ps: I’m really in a mood to do blogathon! A week busy of exams really stayed me off from certain things.

Being flexible

I know I’m the type who doesn’t know how to exist with others. But was it just me? Or am I really starting to love my classmates more?

As I quote my class rep, Sayid Aiman said

“Being rigid is essential for an organized system, but being flexible could lead to a more structured mechanism”

Ps: Quote is translated into English

Post-mortem for our Inter-faculty Scrabble Competition was held not 7 hours ago. Indeed what he said is true enough. We have to be flexible in life; always come out with a backup plan and always open to alternatives. Especially when this life is ain’t a one-man show. Working as a team is a lot better (if hearing this from a person who values solitude in absolute is awkward, my apology).

I only manage to extract some of the moral values listed by our class rep
- Be flexible
- Optimistic
- ………….. (forgotten)
- ………….. (forgotten)
- Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah (always)

Followed by iftar jama’ie with the whole class, credits to all for giving a hand. As well as the tarawih, praise to Allah for all.

As I thought, hearts connected by means of The Almighty stay the warmest.

Ps: So the gentlemen went for a futsal session after tarawih, until 1 am I heard; since the mid semester assessment is over. More enthusiasm for qiamullail, insyaAllah.

Allahu Akram!

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