surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still it was the best day of my life!!

I mean literally it was. Why?
My boy band NEWS just released their latest album on September 15? (Happy but that’s not it)
Went to UM to watch the 8th Inter-medical school Physiology Quiz? (Minor)
Bumped into the guy I admire at the parking lot? (Minor. Err ok this is average)
Being praised I looked cute? (Minor)
Went to Cikgu ARHO’s open house and got to eat lemang and rendang for free? (Minor)

But went to Cikgu ARHO’s open house was the pinpoint of it. Actually going to his house wasn’t a part of the plan. After the Physiology Quiz I was supposed to go back with Kak Dijah, but they claimed it would be too crowded having 4 chicks at the back of a Kancil and suggested I should ride with my junior Hanisah who’s later going to the open house. And that was how it all started.

Scene 1:
I was happily stuffing in my favorite lemang and rendang when Cikgu ARHO came and asked whether I’m able to speak Japanese. Ah! Well could a little, but it surprised me how he knew that. He claimed some juniors told him. Slowly I got to grasp on what’s going on. Cikgu has a Japanese guest; a friend of his daughter who’s currently having a summer vacation and since everybody’s busy Cikgu asked any of us who’s willing to entertain the guest. *gasp* I realized my eyes rounded and sparkled for some reasons. “Cikgu let me entertain him!” so I said without a doubt.

Scene 2:
I went to the kitchen, he was sitting there silently eating (alright he was using chopsticks). Next to him were Cikgu’s daughter and another friend. I placed my plate on the table and was like
“Ano sumimasen, anata wa nihonjin desu ka?” (Excuse me, are you Japanese?)
He actually seemed so shocked unexpectedly having someone speaking Japanese to him and replied
“Hai, sou desu” (Yes, that’s true)
By this time he has somehow stopped eating and looked at me anticipating what I would say next
“sugoi! O rearu no nihonjin ga hajimete mieta, nanka hontou ni ureshii desu!” (Great! This is the first time I met real Japanese, I somehow felt so happy!)
And still hasn’t recovered from the surprise he said
“hontou ni? Demo nihongo wa jozu desu ne” (Really? But your Japanese Language is good)
Oh Lord! I’m double happy!
“Kochi ni suwatte ii?” (Is it ok if I sit here?) Pointing the seat next to him
“Ii yo, douzo douzo” (It’s fine, plese help yourself)

If you ask me how he looked like, I thank god he’s not as heart-throbbing as Haruma Miura, not as cool as Akanishi Jin or Kamenashi Kazuya, not as cute as Yamada Ryosuke. Or else I would have fainted the first thing at the moment! I would say he’s an average looking guy and he’s so nice and friendly. Hey! Even I have smaller eyes than him LOL. The name is Nasuno Satoshi from Niigata prefecture, 23 years old and currently in year 4 engineering.

He claimed his English is not so good (so does my Japanese), but I have no choice but to start conversing in Japanese. Surprisingly we chatted well! The thing is I’ve been learning the language for some time now, but never stood a chance to test the skill. So yeah! That’s what made me happy.

The next thing I remembered was there only us left sitting and talking, while everybody else was busily going in and out the kitchen. We talked for almost an hour; from family, siblings, friends, school, and studies to hobbies, favorite food, music, novel etc; from Japan to Malaysia.

I told him I like NEWS from Johnny's Entertaiment

I told him I like Kanjani 8 from Johnny's Entertainment

I told him I read the English translation of Haruki Murakami novel

And he’s amazed!

We swapped email address too!

This is Nasuno. I don't lie when I said I have smaller eyes!

The instant miso soup that he gave me!

Ps: Nasuno, kore kara yoroshiku! (winks)


aiman_masri said...

ahaha... expect the unexpected la... your effort seems to give good result eh... itadakimasu... mee ruski lagi best...

GuGu said...

wani,,dy sgt hensem! haha
kalo dy cm yamaP agknye kte xblik dr umah arho tu.huhu
btw, mantop gle wani ley borak2 dgn dy,,xsia2 wani study japan selama ni.^^
plus, mate dy ag bsr dr mate kte,esp my right eye.ha-ha

ps: wani dwnload x album news yg br? nk2!

Zawani Zainudin said...

to eman: haha. i've known it this day will come. yela2 mee ruski lg bez.

to gugu: man g rmh ckgu arho gk ke? jmpe die? hehe. terngiang2 lg ape yg ktrg borakkan. huhu. bleh2, nnt kte bg =))

aiman_masri said...

but still, sgt2 teraser cg arho x ajak pi umah terbuke rayer... huahuahua...

Zawani Zainudin said...

huhu. aku pn actually xtau ckgu wat rmh tbuka. maen ikut je bdk2 nih.

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