surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Friday, September 17, 2010

Le étage de Raya part 3

3rd Syawal, it was a fine cold morning

sunrise underneath the roof

So we went to a total of 3 houses; Pak Long’s house in Shah Alam, Uncle Rahman’s house at Kota Damansara and Aunty Ika’s house at Damansara Height.

Céad mile fáilte is a common greeting or salute in Ireland. It literally means hundred thousand welcomes and pronounced as, ok don’t ask me how to pronounce this; even though it looks a little bit like French, truth is it isn’t. That’s a greeting on Pak Long’s door by the way.

2nd house is Uncle Rahman’s. Who is he? Well it’s a bit complicated that I can’t make this public. Perhaps enough me saying he is dad’s friend. The best thing going to his house apart from the duit raya, is the dishes; his wife, Aunty Sue’s cook is really good. (But I can’t just snap pic of food here, it’s considered rude).

3rd house is Aunty Ika’s and she’s my 1st sister’s mother-in-law.

What I love about coming here is that I get to meet my nephew, Abdullah Anas! Ok maybe the rest of the entry is going to be all about him.

Anas is a 16 month-old boy and he’s growing up fast! Born on May 15th 2009 prematurely when he was 7 month-old weigh only 1.5 kg, but now he’s another healthy little caliph living.

I love it when he sees a cat and says ‘kat’
When we’re traveling in a car and says ‘ka’
When he eats an apple and says ‘appow’
When he plays a ball and says ‘bow’
When he wears new shoes and says ‘shuu’

He pronounced with an English accent! Missed him already. By the time I meet him the next holidays sure he could already call me Aunty Za properly!

So that’s the end of part 3.

Ps: Countdown to go back to GlenView, dokidoki of packaphobia has started!

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