surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sakura Girl

I might be not adoring NEWS as early as when Yamapi was a single thin boy, since Ryo acted in 1 liter of tears, since Tego was so small and often got bullied every time NEWS was the guest of Hey!Hey!Hey!, since Koyama just freshly graduated high school, since Shige was still in his 2nd year of high school, since Massu just started his muscle training, since Uchi, Kusano, Moriuchi were a part of the group (now these 3 are no longer in it); that was 7 years ago.

Now that Yamapi has become a macho masculine guy, Ryo worked hard in both NEWS and Kanjani 8 and starring in dramas, Tego has turned manly, Koyama has graduated Meiji University, Shige graduated Aoyama College majoring in law, Massu considered the most muscular member in the group (despite his cute face LOL), I love them more.

After releasing their 3rd album, Color in 2008, all members started their solo activities; Mc-ing, dramas, movies, modeling, solo albums. I haven’t heard much about them until they released their 13th single Sakura Girl on this recent March 31st.

Some PV's cut scenes of each members

Finally after 1 year and 10 months hiatus, the members gathered again launching their 4th album called LIVE on September 15th 2010.

Album cover

Featuring a total of 13 tracks including Sakura Girl unplugged version. Recently I watched the MV on youtube;

It presents both the MV and the ‘behind the scene’ part. At 6:14 where all members just got in to the studio for rehearsal, they started to feel embarrassed for they came in with too laid back outfits whilst other staffs are being casual. It made me giggle how Koyama, Yamapi and Ryo said ‘hazukashii nee kore’ (this is embarrassing ain’t it) LOL.

Watching this MV I’ve made a conclusion that I’ve never seen anything like this before; all members were too overwhelmed in the atmosphere that they closed their eyes most of the time throughout the recording! It shows how the song has a strong sentimental vibrant in it.

To put LIVE as a whole, NEWS has turned much more mature in this 4th album. The piece of music in most tracks is more well-coordinated and tidier than their previous music concept.

My favorite track is Naiyou no nai Tegami (Letter without details). It holds a potent R&B resonance that’s enough to make me sway =D. At 2:04 when Koyama sings the 2nd part or 2nd verse, I personally think he has a similar voice as Uchi Hiroki, the former NEWS member.

Anyways, NEWS no minasan, okaeri~ (^_^)v

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