surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Yo! That's rude ya know!

Maybe this is a response to Ummu’s ‘cermin atau simbolik’ post. A little bit about common sense it is.

It happened to me some time ago. To be exact, it was on the day I made my Charles & Keith Runaway debut to campus. To those newcomers who have no idea about it, it’s regarding the 4 inches-high Charles & Keith heels I owned from a 20% end-of-season sale at Mid Valley.

Mine is pretty much like this except the golden linings are all black lacings

Worn it to campus and as I expected my friends were too excited with it. So here comes the climax; I was on my way to the ladies when I passed the hallway crowded by some students waiting to ride the elevator. Judging from a lot of aspects, I could tell they are the juniors. Obviously they were chatting to each other when I passed through, but in a split second they were all in silent and looking at me; all at a time. If you wish me to describe, most probably it was a look of disbelief. But wait, I don’t need anyone to remind me I’m wearing a pair of 4 inches-high heels, I owned it of course it can’t be any higher than that.

Hey! That’s rude ya know!

Even if I’m inhumanly eye-catching, you don’t gawk at people. But if you persist, do it professionally without people noticing it; like I used to do.

As I quote our Physiology lecturer, Dr. Mahmud said

“Sometimes the problem about common sense is, it’s not that common at all”

Does this common sense I tried to propose isn’t really that common?
You decide

The perverted eyes

Ps: btw specially dedicated to Anie and Sofwa, welcome to the high heels club (winks)


Syaza Ismail said...

Pretty heels. I love those. I cant believed you put on heels! :D That is so cool.

Okay okay, back to issue.

I dont get these people. Enough said. What's wrong of putting on such heels. You know what? It is eye catching, but in a good way. It is not like you are revealing skin, or whatever, it is just a part of heels, shoes. What the big deal. This is all about mentality. People tend to talk, and chattering on something that seems to be different from them.

Just ignore those people, Zwen.

I heard this somewhere, fashion is good for your soul. Because it makes you feel good and pretty. And I dont think you're overdoing it.

One more thing,

"If suit makes a men, then stiletto makes a women."

I am so happy and proud of you!

miss zwen said...

haha. i've became heel lover these days.

well, i don't get it either. mayb because it's not a culture there n almost none wear it da way i do, dat's y they're a bit overreacting kot. but dat's ok. i still feel good bout myself. it's not dat i do anything wrong pun.

n i love ur quote

thanx sweetheart =)

Nad.dee.yeah! said...

just started stalking ur blog..but i had to comment on this post..

Based on my observations, USIMians are not keen on d gals using heels. Heck, even any piece of garment that is not 'traditional' [read: baju kurung, jubah, tudung labuh etc] for that matter. what more eye shadows and hot-pink lippie. Some of my friends even got a 'teguran' from d boys regarding this matter..

My advice 4 u is: be who u wanna be..Wear what u feel comfortable wearing. Regardless of their opinion..duhh, as if they've never seen other gals around KL wearing it before!

p/s congratz on ur Charles&Keith..btw, they do drop their discounts beyond 70% at some times!

Raihana Razlee said...

she's right wani..
my opinion : bukannye x boleh pkai heels tu,as long as your heels x berbunyi(yg kata menarik perhatian sgt tu..) it's ok la kn. even kalo berbunyi pn boleh pergi dekat tukang kasut tu, ckp nk psg getah sket kat tapak tu jgn bg bunyi.

haih.those people.-__-

betol2..just wear whatever you like as long as it still cover 'aurat' ,right?

people will not stop talking. so let them be and just be yourself regardless where you are.
i'm sure you are matured enough to distinguish what's good and bad. =P
hepi eid !! ^_^

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