surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Excuse me

Love hurts, that’s what it is
It hurts when you love someone and not be loved in return
It hurts even turning someone down
It hurts not be able to do anything for people you love and care for
It hurts to pretend and scarifies your feelings just to make everyone happy

So it was love that kept me smiling
And it was love that let me shred tears

That day,
Lucky that I wore specs, I don’t have to struggle hiding my watery eyes
Lucky that I was still in flu, I don’t have to struggle when my nose gets runny
And for once, I’m grateful for the flu

Excuse me, just treat this as some literature masterpiece

Friday, June 17, 2011

Can I be your Cinderella?

Cinderella tale has always caught me and and if you ask my favorite Disney princess, it’s her. Being told over again since ages, even if many might have thought the climax of Cinderella’s glass slippers dropped when the clock struck 12 has turned lame but that’s still my favorite part. It made “Would you be my Cinderella?” or “Can I be your Cinderella?” the proposal lines I always dreamt for.

Maybe that’s among the reason why I got myself to watch this Cinderella-like drama for over 5 times (apart from Kimura Takuya as the main cast), Tsuki no Koibito (Moon Lovers).

Still the story is revolving around I guy and 3 girls, but instead of having the prince, Cinderella and her 2 stepsisters, this time around they have the prince, Cinderella, the prince’s best friend and the daughter of the prince’s enemy.

The prince
Kimura Takuya as Hazuki Rensuke, the president of Regolith, his own established furniture company. Character of a one-man show with veto power when it comes to decision regarding the company. Full of egoism and a perfectionist.

The Cinderella
Lin Chi Ling as Xiu Mei, the worker in the factory that Rensuke bought and closed in order to build another Regolith branch in Shanghai. Forced to become the model of Regolith as a deal to save other unemployed factory workers and to help paying debts her father left and bills for her mum’s medication. Eventually she found herself falling for Rensuke.

My father told me this when I was little. A person who finds a water strider will be happy. That’s why I always looked for it.
Why happiness?
Rain falls,
The city becomes clean,
The flowers and tress and rice grow.
That’s why if there are water striders, there’s happiness.
(Water striders can only live in clean places)
-Xiu Mei, episode 1-

The prince’s best friend
Shiohara Ryoko as Ninomiya Maemi, Rensuke’s favorite designer in Regolith; best friend since college. Finds herself having a lil crush on Rensuke.

The fairy godmother waved her wand once and Cinderella got on the pumpkin carriage and went away to the prince
-Ninomiya Maemi, episode 2-

Daughter of the prince’s enemy
Kitagawa Keiko as Onuki Yuzuki aka Rensuke current girl friend. Her father, Onuki Shogen is the president of Mastopole (Regolith main competitor). Due to Rensuke’s neglecting manner, she always tries hard to gain his attention.

Despite having 3 girls fancy over him, Rensuke cares nothing else but his business and end up making employees under him uncomfortable with his selfishness; there’s someone trying to kick him out from Regolith. 2 important plots to look out for in the drama are 1) who among the 3 will he choose and 2) who is the traitor in the company.

The genre is romance, it’s a great 8 episodes romantic drama (if not I wouldn’t have watched it over 5 times), the plots are fast; you can see Xiu Mei transformed into a model from a strayed girl by Rensuke within one episode for instance. The viewers are kept curious until the very last episode, to know who among the innocent model, the best friend and the current girl friend will Rensuke choose.

Ps: Cinderella? Maybe it answers why I’m too obsess with shoes
Pss: btw there's no glass slippers drop in this version

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's break up and switch partners part 2

I’ve never done a jdrama or jmovie review so extensive for I know people would simply Google those on solely jdrama review blogs and webs, that’s one. Two, is perhaps the dramas I watched isn’t that worth the spotlight except for its few look-alike characters like this, or just a simple review or highlighted issues like this since my readers aren’t all a jdrama-otaku. And three, perhaps because eventhough the drama caught me watching it 3-4 times or even 5-6 over again back-to-back, I just don’t have time to review it; Tsuki no Koibito (Moon Lovers) for instance.

But since I’ve got a lot of time now (all thanks to the 4-months break), guess I’ll hit on it a lil (err… perhaps a lil long).

*warning: this entry is long as well as contains a lot of images (ranked after this one)*

The drama is Love Shuffle

Kei, Ojiro, Kikuta sensei and Airu live on the same floor of a luxurious apartment but have never known one another until an incident of a power failure made them stuck together in an elevator. While waiting, their conversation hits upon their love lives and the question of whether there is truly only one fated partner for everyone. As a result, they decide to try ‘shuffling’ their relationships with each other.

Tamaki Hiroshi as Usami Kei
- Head of a unit at a leading IT corporation eventhough he was graduated from a second-rate university (since the company is owned by his fiancée’s father). So loyal to his fiancée, Mei

Matsuda Shota as Sera Ojiro
- A professional free-lance photographer who gotten intimate with Reiko. Bad-boy personality but charming at the same time. Playing psychology to reach women’s heart and make ‘em fall for him.

Tanihara Shosuke as Kikuta Masato
- A psychiatrist whose past lover had died in an accident. Secretly there’s someone in this love shuffle resembles his dead girlfriend.

DAIGO as Oishi Yukichi
- A straight and innocent wickedly wealthy young stock trader who owns several companies. Too rich that he tends to spend money to make someone dear to him happy. Willing to do anything when he’s attached to someone, and used to be Airu’s stalker. Sweet and cute.

“By the way, this place is empty. Are you sure the food is good?”
“Oh, that’s because I've just asked the owner to make it a private function”
-episode 1-

Kanjiya Shihori as Kagawa Mei
- Daughter of a well-off IT corporation president who’s never dated anyone else but her fiancée, Usami Kei. Suddenly breaking off their engagement for unknown reason.

Kojima Hajiri as Kamijyo Reiko
- Married woman who claimed interested to join love shuffle because her husband cheated her for a younger women; and eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Hayakawa Kairi
- A talented artist who claimed she can see things others can’t and being under Kikuta sensei care. She insists to commit suicide on her 20th birthday

Karina as Aizawa Airu
- A trilingual interpreter who has a lil bit of boyish personality; beautiful and stylish at the same time. Hard to open up for a relationship due to unable to forget her deceased twin brother long ago. Always tend to fall for a relationship due to sympathy, end up going out with Yukichi

click for larger image

A 10 episode romance, comedy drama directed by Doi Nobuhiro, Yamamuro Daisuke, and Tsuboi Toshio aired in 2009. The casts are great, and the plot gave me a constant chill throughout its episodes without a fail. The storyline developed into a more and more unexpected outcomes one after another and it’ll make you stick till the end to fulfill your curiosity of each and everyone’s personal interest of why they decided on joining Love Shuffle and whom will end up with whom.

You seriously should watch it

Ps: Matsuda Shota’s best haircut ever!
Pss: now I know it, it’s not that he’s getting thinner, he is thin!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let's break up and switch partners

Whatever the case maybe, everyone is not doing well with their partners
Of course it would be faster to just break up, but is that good?
We’ll fall in love again and separate again
We’ll just keep on repeating our mistakes
So, we’re going to stop for a second
And while there’s still some hope, you should switch your lovers
We name it “Love Shuffle”

Men are Jacks, women are Queens
The same suits will be partners next week.
We switch every week?
Yes, we are a merry-go-around
Until we gain our happiness
We will keep on switching

-Jdrama, Love Shuffle episode 1-

Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 versus 2

Zul asked me ‘nape x update blog’ and I answered with ‘malas’

Me feel reluctant updating? Atashi rashikunai ne (that’s so not me)

Anyway, I’ve got draft done on my entries, only I don’t feel like posting yet (which explains the reason why I would post up till 4 entries per day to an extent)

So what’s this 2 vs 2 all about?

- Double date? ~Nope~

- British parliamentary? ~Nope. That’s 2(2x2)~

2 versus 2; 2 reasons why I envy her and 2 reasons why I love her

2 reasons why I envy her

1. She’s a famous blogger*
2. She’s gorgeous in shawl*

*which I’m neither

Think this is you? Read on…

2 reasons why I love her

1. She’s a halfie (English-Japanese)

She’s 24, married, and designs her own label Maysaa. Many put Hana Tajima as their idol, fashion icon, blogger icon. I thought I would at first, demo yappa muri da to omou (but, as expected it’s impossible I think) for me. because;

1. I don’t blog for money or fashion
2. Shawl doesn’t suit me

Revolusi tudung di Malaysia (credits to PiqaNajib)

Girls change their style according to trend isn’t something bad. It’s great having yourself thought you look good in latest fashion ain’t it. But I don’t know why I can’t find myself fitting in well in these worlds of so-called trendy shawl (no offense, yes can call me being conservative)

Whatever it is girls, the scarf, the shawl,

Go on and wear it your style
Put it on as you like

But most importantly

Wear it right campaign

And oh, btw the 2nd reason why I love Hana Tajima is because

2. She’s a muslim, reverted 6 years back I suppose

Ps: mentang2 post pasal Hana Tajima, banyak plak kuar bahasa Jepun ~hehe~

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disappearing mission

If anybody else reading the blog and noticed I was missing for 3 days the past few days, you can tell to yourself;

“Oh I know where she went”

Or if you don’t, you can secretly wonder instead;

“Really, where has she gone to?”

A ‘disappearing mission’ I got in such a short notice and didn’t get to post something beforehand to make everyone wonder. As a result I’m off blogging for a few days (not that I’m posting entries every one hour, but anyway).

Let’s start with a riddle

If GSC stands for Golden Screen Cinema
What’s GSDC then?

Nothing close, it’s the Great Serdang Debate Championship held in UPM; 27-30 May 2011

Another debate tournament, and this time around USIM sent 4 teams of three and 4 adjudicators.

And surprisingly I was…

…the adju

GSDC uses Australasia format with 8-minute speech and no POI. Our teams had 2 weeks of centralized training in campus before going and I can’t make it to join which was the original reason why I can’t join (since I’ve got an assignment to settle). I received a phone call from Hanisah on Wednesday saying they’re short of adju.

While many usually get to think this over within a week, I returned the phone call within an hour, packed my stuff overnight and off I went to Nilai all the way from Johor the next day; Thursday, joined the training for half a day, had a sleepover and headed to UPM on Friday afternoon.

Appointed as an adju has never left me with a good night sleep (not even during the last USIM VC Cup) because I know I’m never close being a good one. But i admitted it taught me a lot, improving my sense of paying attention, sudden logic, critical analysis and reasoning, confidence (especially) etc.

I actually doubted to continue composing, but decided to carry on. It might be a lil long (I’m not in a mood to write them in parts), but you people could just jump ‘em over.

There are few levels of adju. While many might thought the word ‘level’ sounds too much of grading, let’s use the word ‘type’; there are few types of adju;

1. Supreme adju: 1 adju in the house
2. Chief adju/Chair: the chief adju in the house (accompanied by panels or trainees)
3. Panels: adju accompanying the Chair
4. Trainees: adju in training

Everytime the house is call to order, there would whether be a supreme adju judging alone or a group of 3 adjus; chair and panels/trainees judging.

A night before the tournament starts, our chief adju (we call him Tate) asked us to send in resume on experience of debating or adjudicating; so they could put whom as which. I thought I would be okay as a trainee since I believe there’re a lot more experienced people.

1st-4th round were held on Saturday, 5th round, quarter, and semi-final were on Sunday and final plus closing ceremony on Monday. Fine, maybe I should cut it short.

1st round: supreme adju
2nd round: supreme adju
3rd round: panel
4th round: chair
5th round: chair

Believe me, I was surprised myself. But yea I tried my best (excluding the intimidated, freaking out, and can’t think straight parts). Kinda relieved I wasn’t selected judging quarter and semi (final? Dream on!)

The final round was UiTM vs NUS (National University of Singapore) and UiTM won.

Talking bout our debaters, 2 teams won 2 out of 5 and another 2 won 1 each (I hope I got this right). New faces like Iman, Aizat, Afiq, Shida, Shahir, Zul, and Fatinah, you people did great. Not to forgotten all-time mates Hanisah, Bro Fareed, Tyra, Ratna, Safwan, Saiful, Amirul, and Sis Sara, all thanks to Miss Afzan too for the support. Had a great time with everyone!! Made some new friends too! (Winks) ^^

Ps: colleagues wondered what my assignment is about; it’s an out-of-campus work so to speak
Pss: envy with Kak Sara’s Nichii was when I think 3.5” isn’t high enough
Psss: more pics can click here
Pssss: okay, riddle tu memang takde kaitan
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