surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 versus 2

Zul asked me ‘nape x update blog’ and I answered with ‘malas’

Me feel reluctant updating? Atashi rashikunai ne (that’s so not me)

Anyway, I’ve got draft done on my entries, only I don’t feel like posting yet (which explains the reason why I would post up till 4 entries per day to an extent)

So what’s this 2 vs 2 all about?

- Double date? ~Nope~

- British parliamentary? ~Nope. That’s 2(2x2)~

2 versus 2; 2 reasons why I envy her and 2 reasons why I love her

2 reasons why I envy her

1. She’s a famous blogger*
2. She’s gorgeous in shawl*

*which I’m neither

Think this is you? Read on…

2 reasons why I love her

1. She’s a halfie (English-Japanese)

She’s 24, married, and designs her own label Maysaa. Many put Hana Tajima as their idol, fashion icon, blogger icon. I thought I would at first, demo yappa muri da to omou (but, as expected it’s impossible I think) for me. because;

1. I don’t blog for money or fashion
2. Shawl doesn’t suit me

Revolusi tudung di Malaysia (credits to PiqaNajib)

Girls change their style according to trend isn’t something bad. It’s great having yourself thought you look good in latest fashion ain’t it. But I don’t know why I can’t find myself fitting in well in these worlds of so-called trendy shawl (no offense, yes can call me being conservative)

Whatever it is girls, the scarf, the shawl,

Go on and wear it your style
Put it on as you like

But most importantly

Wear it right campaign

And oh, btw the 2nd reason why I love Hana Tajima is because

2. She’s a muslim, reverted 6 years back I suppose

Ps: mentang2 post pasal Hana Tajima, banyak plak kuar bahasa Jepun ~hehe~


zulkifli said...

she will be my next awek. hehe.

Zawani Zainudin said...

who? hana tajima. dream on, she's married. hahaha

zulkifli said...

ohh. dat thing.. i'll discus wif her husband later. -___-'

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