surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My February 26 part 1

A week has passed, and I’m still on my February 26 piece.

Time to talk about this pic~

Like I said, this isn’t a popliteal fossa sketch and the hint was BP

It’s a motion room for British Parliamentary-style debate (BP) for our recent inter-medical debate in UM.

OG- opening government
CG- closing government
OO- opening opposition
CO- closing opposition
S- speaker
J- adjudicator

For BP format, 4 teams will debate on the same motion; 2 government and opposition teams (opening and closing). Debaters are no longer 3 per team instead it’s 2. Like always, government proposes motion, opposition opposes, but what more interesting is that respective opening and closing teams were never to be quarantined together beforehand. So it’s nothing different than having 4 totally different teams debating. One more thing, instead of given 30 minutes for quarantine like in royals, this time around we only have 15 minutes to prepare points. Some more, speech time is cut to 5 minutes per speaker unlike 7 minutes in normal parliamentary debate.

It was a total of 3 preliminary rounds and 4 highest scoring teams will break to the final.

Motions were;

Round 1: THBT medical practice has lost its lustre
Round 2: THBT doctors working in non-medical fields is a waste
Round 3: THBT traditional Chinese medicine should be a part of modern medical practice

We drew our position and out of luck for 3 rounds, 3 times in a row being closing opposition. For each opening teams, 1st speaker holds the role of prime minister and opposition leader respectively while the respective 2nd speaker holds role as deputy prime minister and deputy opposition leader. For closing teams, 1st speaker for both gov and opp will play the same role as deputy PM and deputy opp while the respective 2nd speakers for both closing government and opposition will stand as a whipper. Now what sucks being the closing team is that, you’ll never know if points you’ve discussed, squeezing, torturing your brain in advance are taken by the opening team. So the only solution is to think of as much points as you can so you won’t talk about the same ones.

We were ranked first for the 1st and 3rd round and ranked 4th for the 2nd round. But still our overall marks qualified us to the final. The motion is TH should make available all health supplements by prescription only. And guess what, we were the closing opposition for the 4th time!

in black was me, Kak Atikah in red

Anyhow I am so grateful having my senpai, Kak Atikah with me. She helped me a lot with my points and elaborations. And as I mentioned, we got the 3rd place after IMU and UM. 4th place is UKM.

As to wrap up the day, during the prize giving ceremony, they gave away lot of goodies for lucky drawers! As far as I’m concern, I’m never that lucky for this bit. But hey I got one!

(some random pic, since no one capture me while I was on stage) Jedo was lucky enough to get one too.

Ps: how am I supposed to join inter-medical debate next year if Kak Atikah isn’t around? T_T

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