surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My February 26 part 3

Inter-faculty netball league has started since a month ago, with a total of 8 teams joining; FST, FPSK, Pusat Tamhidi, FSU, FPBU, FEM, FKP (FPSK team is actually consist of medical and dental students). So far my team has had 4 matches; against FEM, FPBU, FSU and Pusat Tamhidi. And the 4th one against Pusat Tamhidi was the one I missed on February 26 for you-know-what reason.

We won for the 1st 3 games and for the one against Tamhidi we got it draw 12-12. I didn’t know what happened on court for I wasn’t there but they said it was too frustrating. Our format was a 4 quarter-play; 7-2-7-5-7-2-7. Those stand for 7 minute-play, 2 minute-break and 5 minute-half time.

We were leading for the 1st 3 plays but getting emotional for the 4th and that was when the opponent scored to draw. Injuries, psycho, stamina was all I can sum up (the reasons for such emotional match). How I wished so much I could play along (not that we’ll definitely win if I was in) experiencing the tensed moment together with the team.

Roughly leading the league is FST, ranked 1st with 4 wins while FPSK and Pusat Tamhidi come 2nd with 3 wins and a draw. We’ve got 3 more games to play; 1 on next Wednesday and another 2 on Saturday the same week.

Talking about the game next Monday, we will go against the toughest team, FST. They’ve got all MASUM players in the team that’s why. Winning is a bit far but we’ll do our best. As for meeting such star, preparation is proportionally tough as well. A lot of skills to be brushed up; stamina, ball passes, strategy, shooting (not meant for me though).

My last intensive netball training was 9 years ago; I was 12 and going to the state level netball tournament.

My weaknesses are that my hands aren’t strong enough for long passes, my feet aren’t stable enough after landing jumping for a loop balls which jeopardizes my ankles, I still can’t seem to dodge perfectly setting free from opponents. Anyways, will do the best against FST and another 2 remaining games.

btw shooting wasn't my position, I play wing~

Ps: I don’t know whose idea was it, but a list of those who’d love to come as supporters for our match against FST was passed around the lecture hall (for transportation). OMG!
Pss: heels and sport shoes alternately, dear ankles please bear with it.

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