surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My February 26 part 2

So the event was inter-faculty vice chancellor cup debate; dated February 26, 27, and March 5. As mentioned I was called upon to be one of the adjudicator but clashing with the inter-medical debate I can’t be one.

Somehow I suppose god listens when I wanted to try being an adjudicator badly, so I was called for the second time. I got to be one for the quarter and semi-final round. As I thought being in the line of adju wasn’t that easy. It’s great not to have such adrenaline rush compare to if I were debating. Listening and jotting part weren’t that hard though, unfortunately looking at the adju forms that needed to be filled in; dear lord I hate math! And some more giving a win or a lose to a particular teams weren’t that piece of cake too (here’s when emo came into scene) especially when that team had previously came to you asking for some tips and advice (not that I’m worth to be asked from anyway), but thank god there was a total of 3 adjudicators for quarter and 5 for semi so others opinion counts as well. It was a great experience though!

me judging qurter-final along with Miss Jue and Kak Mar

This year’s tournament was kinda historical to all I would say. As far as I’m concern never before people from Pandah Indah campus would have a sleepover in Nilai over the weekend for the tournament; and this year they did! 3 teams for each categories; English, Malay, Arabic. As to answer why, like I said in the prologue 4 events on the February 26; so busses weren’t enough for transportation and so off they went as guest at Kolej Kediaman 1.

It’s great having 2 Arabic teams, a team of Malay and Arabic respectively had a breakthrough to the quarter-final. Unfortunately Malay team can’t make it to semi and Arabic team can’t make it for final. The English team however did!

Malay team to quarter-final from left; Manu, Faliq, Atikah, Wawa

Arabic team to quarter-final from left; Bob, Tasniim, Ihsan, Janah (not in pic)

arabic team to semi from left; Maryam, Azimuddin, Atikah

For final round English category, it was FPSK vs FPg. Motion was THBT younger generations are responsible for our future. FYI Faye and I were mentors for both teams (but I can’t get much credit though for Kak Atikah spent more time with FPSK team and FPg team went fine practicing without us).

FPSK team from left; Fikri, Apan, Yan

FPg team from left; Siti Aminah, Syafiqah, Timah

the after final girl circle

me with the team

There were 9 adjus for final round and it was a split 5-2 winning for FPg. Congrates guys!

As for FPSK team, congrates to you guys too for having gone to the final round on your first attempt!
Ps: congrates to all teams!

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