surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Friday, September 4, 2015

Catching up

I miss this feeling; the feeling of taking my own sweet time, writing, pondering. With playlist of my favourite songs in the background (though I have to admit having background songs can easily get your mind drifted, I have to keep my mind on track over again but I don't mind because I have a lot of time to kill now).

Now let's catch up from where we left off.

I finished my med school

And I am also a wife now!

However we are in a long distance relationship at the moment until early next year. That's about 6 months to go. Words cannot sum up how I feel. But yeah, we're coping thanks to technology. But nothing feels as good as having your loved one next to you.

By finishing med school, that also means I am jobless right now. There are a lot of procedures to settle before getting a placement (with rumour about overproduction of med school graduates) I don't know how long the process will take.

It has been about 2 months plus a few weeks after I finished undergrad. I spent a month preparing for my wedding, and the next for honeymoon; the only honeymoon before being a long distance couple.

It doesn't feel so right being a couch potato the whole time, scrolling down social medias. Now that I have plenty of time, I thought why not try to write a little. Just to past time. Okay fine, blog is also a type of social media, but writing used to be my passion, So I'm trying to dig whatever that's left of that.

Wish me luck!

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