surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disappearing mission

If anybody else reading the blog and noticed I was missing for 3 days the past few days, you can tell to yourself;

“Oh I know where she went”

Or if you don’t, you can secretly wonder instead;

“Really, where has she gone to?”

A ‘disappearing mission’ I got in such a short notice and didn’t get to post something beforehand to make everyone wonder. As a result I’m off blogging for a few days (not that I’m posting entries every one hour, but anyway).

Let’s start with a riddle

If GSC stands for Golden Screen Cinema
What’s GSDC then?

Nothing close, it’s the Great Serdang Debate Championship held in UPM; 27-30 May 2011

Another debate tournament, and this time around USIM sent 4 teams of three and 4 adjudicators.

And surprisingly I was…

…the adju

GSDC uses Australasia format with 8-minute speech and no POI. Our teams had 2 weeks of centralized training in campus before going and I can’t make it to join which was the original reason why I can’t join (since I’ve got an assignment to settle). I received a phone call from Hanisah on Wednesday saying they’re short of adju.

While many usually get to think this over within a week, I returned the phone call within an hour, packed my stuff overnight and off I went to Nilai all the way from Johor the next day; Thursday, joined the training for half a day, had a sleepover and headed to UPM on Friday afternoon.

Appointed as an adju has never left me with a good night sleep (not even during the last USIM VC Cup) because I know I’m never close being a good one. But i admitted it taught me a lot, improving my sense of paying attention, sudden logic, critical analysis and reasoning, confidence (especially) etc.

I actually doubted to continue composing, but decided to carry on. It might be a lil long (I’m not in a mood to write them in parts), but you people could just jump ‘em over.

There are few levels of adju. While many might thought the word ‘level’ sounds too much of grading, let’s use the word ‘type’; there are few types of adju;

1. Supreme adju: 1 adju in the house
2. Chief adju/Chair: the chief adju in the house (accompanied by panels or trainees)
3. Panels: adju accompanying the Chair
4. Trainees: adju in training

Everytime the house is call to order, there would whether be a supreme adju judging alone or a group of 3 adjus; chair and panels/trainees judging.

A night before the tournament starts, our chief adju (we call him Tate) asked us to send in resume on experience of debating or adjudicating; so they could put whom as which. I thought I would be okay as a trainee since I believe there’re a lot more experienced people.

1st-4th round were held on Saturday, 5th round, quarter, and semi-final were on Sunday and final plus closing ceremony on Monday. Fine, maybe I should cut it short.

1st round: supreme adju
2nd round: supreme adju
3rd round: panel
4th round: chair
5th round: chair

Believe me, I was surprised myself. But yea I tried my best (excluding the intimidated, freaking out, and can’t think straight parts). Kinda relieved I wasn’t selected judging quarter and semi (final? Dream on!)

The final round was UiTM vs NUS (National University of Singapore) and UiTM won.

Talking bout our debaters, 2 teams won 2 out of 5 and another 2 won 1 each (I hope I got this right). New faces like Iman, Aizat, Afiq, Shida, Shahir, Zul, and Fatinah, you people did great. Not to forgotten all-time mates Hanisah, Bro Fareed, Tyra, Ratna, Safwan, Saiful, Amirul, and Sis Sara, all thanks to Miss Afzan too for the support. Had a great time with everyone!! Made some new friends too! (Winks) ^^

Ps: colleagues wondered what my assignment is about; it’s an out-of-campus work so to speak
Pss: envy with Kak Sara’s Nichii was when I think 3.5” isn’t high enough
Psss: more pics can click here
Pssss: okay, riddle tu memang takde kaitan


^Laila^ said...

27-30 may kn?? 27-30 june lmbt ag,dear~~ :)

Zawani Zainudin said...

thanx betulkan lel :)

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