surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

He's getting thinner


I’ve wanted to write on this for so long and only now am able to (lame intro).

MW is a movie directed by Hitoshi Iwamoto adapted from a manga by Osamu Tezuka starring Tamaki Hiroshi and Takayuki Yamada. I didn’t know this movie existed (though it was aired in 2009) until I heard its OST; Mr & Mrs Picaresque by Flumpool.

With me recently having a crush on its vocalist watching the MV, plus some scenes of Tamaki Hiroshi; it was an irresistible appeal! Who’s Tamaki Hiroshi if you ask; he was the one who starred the drama Nodame Cantabile as Shinichi Chiaki (yep that orchestra conductor). I personally think he’s getting thinner.

This is Tamaki Hiroshi. OMG he looked like Toma Ikuta!

If you want to know how a Japanese indie band looked like, then you definitely have to checkout on this 4-member band, Flumpool.

It started back in 2002 when Ryuta, Kazuki and Genki (age 17, 17, 18 respectively) established the band along with an outside random drummer (then Ogura joined them permanantly); they came out with 4 independent CD production. After long staying indie and even perfomed live gigs around Osaka, they signed under A-Sketch label in 2008 and start realeasing albums.

To describe Yamamura Ryuta’s voice, honestly it gave out an insecure vibe the first time I heard it. The feeling was pretty much like you’re worrying listening to an amateur singer whose pitch could go wrong anytime. He has such an unsteady quavery voice. But what’s amazing is that, he’s able to hold on to that vocal voyage for the rest of the song. So in short he’s never out of timbre and sings even beautifully live.

Back to the movie, MW pronounced as ‘moo’ is the type of nerve gas developed by American Military base in Japan. Built secretly in a small island away from mainland, this chemical weapon leaked into the village’s water reservoir and caused death of local villagers. To shut the fault of the government from going public, all villagers were killed and all evidences were wiped clean. Survived from this tragedy were 2 little boys whom made it to the mainland and adopted by a priest. They both grew being the oldest childhood friend of each other, starring Tamaki Hiroshi as Yuki, a successful banker who secretly practicing blackmails and murders. While Takayuki Yamada as Garai, a priest; total of opposite personality. Having Yuki commiting crime and can’t do anything to stop him left Garai with a lifetime dilemma.

The thing is I didn’t object Tamaki Hiroshi being the bad guy in this movie, it’s just that I can’t immediately holding a grasp on Takayuki Yamada whom being the priest. If you’ve watched Crows ZERO, then you know who I’m talking about. Takayuki Yamada acted as Tamao Serizawa, one of the head clans of Suzuran High School doing you-know-those-all-violent-part-he-got-into scenes. Him in Crows ZERO got my mind set Takayuki Yamada only suits the bad guy type.

Yep! This is Takayuki Yamada (scene taken from Crows ZERO)

Ps: Only if you noticed how good-looking Takayuki Yamada could be with his clean-shaved image. And btw he’s married with one son.
Pss: Did I mention Flumpool is from Osaka? Oh man! Osaka man rocks!


GuGu said...

omo! tamaki hiroshi seriously looked like toma ikuta.
i didn't watch crows zero..yet. haha
should I?

Zawani Zainudin said...

kan3? they looked alike! huhu. rsenye xyah tgk pn xpe. violent! huhu. tp klw rse cm nk tgk variety genre of lakonan Oguri Shun, bleh la try =)

GuGu said...

violent kn....sumeone ckp dgn kte jgn tgk. xsesuai tuk knk2. haha

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