surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crap confab in disguise

‘Pain is very important’
-Prof. J-

As we’re about to learn the topic of pain in Physiology, pain isn’t just important figuratively but literally too...

‘Continuous suture, horizontal mattress suture, skin stapler, a surgeon knows of all kinds of ways to stitch an open wound. But the emotional scars; what can be used to stitch emotional scars? There is no easy way to heal emotional scars. I just think of it this way; wounds of the heart are undoubtedly necessary. That’s because bearing wounds in our heart, we can become aware of other people’s pain’
-Code Blue season 2 episode 9, Yamashita Tomohisa monologue-

…so it can make you stronger.

Ps: Seldom did I put extra effort on someone else’s birthday, if I do what's that supposed to mean? (winks)
Pss: Don’t underestimate what your old I-don’t-want-these-stuff-anymore box could do for you. It might hold a gorgeous idol poster which fits just right as an instant present wrapper!

Post Ps entry

While I’d diagnosed myself having an acute arithmophobia, despite some symptoms I experienced I do wonder if that’s just a hypocritical inference.

Since I got a bit fascinated by one argument in a mathematical reasoning;

Premise 1: When X=1, X is (100/100)
Premise 2: When X is (100/100), X=1

So the above clauses are true. Sticking to above mechanism, I figured out not all basis obey mathematic reasoning;

Premise 1: When you’re distracted, even little unexpected things could make you happy
Premise 2: When you’re happy, even little unexpected things could make you distracted

Don’t you think?

Yatta! At last I got an evidence Math isn’t all time relevant! (Fairly trying to sound Math prejudice on purpose)

Ok, live stronger now


GuGu said...

wani wani. pe mksud wink2 tu. sy nk tahu!

Zawani Zainudin said...

saya sayang awak!

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