surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crap is my middle name

Try to put yourself in my shoe
1. You were ought to draw a topic
2. Majority insisted you to go for ‘Why you shouldn’t quit smoking’ rather than the original topic ‘Why you should quit smoking’
3. Given 2 minutes to prepare the public speaking
4. And here are what I came out with

Why you shouldn’t quit smoking?
1. Who’s going to buy cigarette if you quit smoking?
2. At a certain extent smoking makes you have status; a 500 bucks cigar for instance
3. If you’re already prone to have cancer due to your bad habit, you know you can’t quit willingly, then why should you quit?
4. So the rate of not only you, as well as other people around you to die because of cancer is increasing. This will lead to the ultimate solution for the overpopulated country. Let them die.
5. If you or anyone else is hospitalized due to smoking-related diseases, you’ll be giving profitable income for not only the government but also private hospitals. Listen, if we asked you to stop smoking and you don’t, you get diseases, we won’t give a damned care to subsidize you.
So that’s why you shouldn’t stop smoking.

Try to use reverse psychology eh? Pretty much, but seriously public speaking (unofficially at least) is way much better than the mock debates (because I can talk crap).

Soon will be the 2nd Royal experience, after a year gap. Let see if my rusty debating skills is near salvage or rather just another talent flushed down the toilet bowl. Anyone to confirm that?

Don’t worry, don’t mess yourself with the nasty getting down the toilet bowl to authenticate it for my sake, just be there to say ganbatte! to me is enough (winks).

The centralized debate training in Nilai, I considered myself lucky to be having 2 mock debates within a day (plus that previous pain-in-the-neck topic public speaking in between) after a year of debate hiatus!

THBT we should build network to raise awareness to reduce water usage
THBT zoos should be closed

Another thing why I’m lucky joining the training is because I got to meet this one young caliph who’s able to joke around in his typical serious expression.

Candid shot from an amateur stalker’s cameraphone starring Fazli

Why did I put his pic? Well that’s simple, because I’m a bit pervert in nature. Heh! Because I’d indirectly promised to do so lerr…

Anyways Ratna, Ainil, Fawaz, Fazli, Tyra, Saiful, Amirul, Faye not to forgotten you guys made my day!

Ps: Eventually I figured out Fazli is driving and not riding a motorbike. Hampeh la hang Fazli =P
Pss: Miss Driver claimed the steering is a bit heavy =)

teriyaki unagi bento for dinner memang sedap

Psss: Personally think prefer writing rather than talking now


Tyra Hanim said...


Sis, im laughing so hard sis. Hey u are the best speaker of the day. Don't worry, u are the best among us. I mean, seriously.

He's riding Volvo something, i don't really remember. We've ride with him twice (=

Ganbatte sis! <3

inquisitive said...

mana ada volvo!!!shuuu!!!

im popular!yeay! =p

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