surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Let me tell you one dirty lil secret

As helpless as a denaturated DNA under 60 ˚C temperature, these few days had been tiring. It was FPSK annual dinner yesterday.

Well, not to say I doubt choral speaking as a performance. But honestly with less than a week to practice along with those who haven’t experienced being a choral speaker (precisely 3 days ONLY), and yeah I mean my instinct said this is going to be hard.

From choosing the scripts, editing, photocopying, editing again, practice, editing again, rehearsal, more editing we stayed nervous and anxious until that very last minute of our dinner performance. Not to mention the delayed practice due to some emotional circumstances, so I’d say wow! Can you guys believe we made it? We enjoyed it don’t we? =)


On the night of the 1st practice;

The delayed practice I was talking about, damned disrupting emotionally. Just a lil bit more if you let us get too carried away, most probably Al Razi will turn into a Convent class sebab rmh2 gene XY kena bakar ngan girls.

Rehearsal, a day before the dinner performance;

Prof Shahrir: I was having a very high expectation towards korang, korang tau tak.
Miss conductor: Abes tu, cmne performance kitorang tadi?
Prof Shahrir: Emm… Boleh la, so so.

How would you feel when you’re shaky all over, rehearsing for the first time, with the scripts kept going in and out of your mind, plus few no-sleeping-until 2 am nights and suddenly your superior claimed your performance is a so-so?

The after-effect was damned dramatic, the atmosphere got too silent. One or two human being spotted at each corner of the lecture hall alone reflecting, looking at the scripts wondering where we have done wrong. No usual chatters during dinner, the ambiance was seriously dry. Moody, emotionally distracted, embarrassed, upset, depressed you name it.

Rehearsal 2 hours before the dinner performance;

Forgotten scripts, unsynchronized chorus, unheard voices, in front of the other rehearsal-ers, the atmosphere kept been filling by densed tense. More editing, repeating over and over again, and off we went as the 1st performance-r.


Noor Aiman, thanks for the ‘brain-wash’ that kept us going
Sayid Aiman, thanks for the impromptu pre-tazkirah an hour before the dinner starts
Jannah, thanks for the post-tazkirah last night
Dear Al-Razian choral speakers, thanks for all the co-operation and hardwork

And indeed we enjoyed our performance! You guys are awesome! Our dean himself said you guys were good =D

Here are few of my solo part:

Oh my god! It’s superman! (It is Gen 5 FPSK)
Kelembutan dan keayuan~ (No! It’s kesopanan dan kesusilaan)
But definitely handsome angkasawan~ (Datuk Sheikh Muzzaffar)
Let me tell you one dirty little secret… (Malaysia’s public toilets are yucks!)

Was it just me or all my lines seemed pretty mischievous?

Choral speakers~

Free-style or malas tengok camera?

Ps: Man thanks a lot for being a constantly enthusiastic conductor.
Pss: Lel thanks for your perfume, sweet! Dah basuh baju pn wangi lg. huhu.
Psss: Syera, thanks for the camera! =D
Pssss: Most probably you won’t see Zawani Zainudin around GV and campus starting today till Wednesday. And if you do, tolong jangan tegur since most likely that’s not me.
Psssss: Still tak puas hati kena bukak kasut time performance sbb I was 2 inches higher. Oh my lil baby blue heels. Isk3…

More pics


Zwen and Lel

Miss conductor (specially to you Aiman =D)

Mael and Syera, Mr & Miss emcee

Malaysia, truly Asia (winks)

Pssssss: 6th year's dikir performance was sweet~ awesome =)


apos said...


aw3rz said...

Lalala~. Owh. Thanks.

^Laila^ said...

as usual.. this post very very very very much!~ kte rs kebanyakan post wani kte suka.. ha3.. :p gmbr2 tu comeyl2.. and choral speaking pun best sgt!~

ps: ehe.. nk perfume, gtau la.. :p
pss: wani lawa sgt time dinner tu like always.. abis kte jd xlawa amik gmbr dgn wani tau.. hak3.. :p xpe2, kte suka je amik gmbr dgn wani.. tp, kena ajar kte pose la.. xpndai.. ha3..
psss: suka ur make-up.. simple but lawa..
pssss: good luck for ur royal debate, dear! i know u can do it!!~~
psssss: *winks* :p

GuGu said...

wani deary....i'm nobody compare to u 4 dis conductor thingy..syesly sy budak bru blaja..thx 4 always being there ms kte tga serabut xde idea nk edit ape2 4 da skrip..u r there helping fact, if u r the conductor myb lg hebat kte ble flashback blik from da 1st nyte kte praktis tu..bole nanges kot. haha

nway,tyme kls anat td kte cm da risau npe wani xmsuk kls..then ble diorg ckp wani g debate, br laaa kte cm..OMG! cne kte ley lupe n suro awk bwkn kte nye quran.huhu sori dear.

gdluck 4 ur debate! hope awk blik dgn bite gumbira yah!

bole x sy nk wink jugak! hahaha
sy doakn yg trbaek tuk awk..everything planned by HIM 4 u,,i'm sure it is da best. be patient dear!

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