surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't wait till tomorrow

I kinda made an unofficial vow to myself to switch into hiatus mode especially about this facebook and blogger thingy until I completed my final exams. The thing is that there’s something in life that you can’t wait and shouldn’t wait until tomorrow. Updating my blog for instances. Come to think about it, postponing everything until exam’s over is really a no-go. If you want it, you should just go for it. Well, easier said than done it is. I haven’t reached that stage yet; the stage where I would still innocently replying testimonials on facebook aware of anatomy paper the next morning. That’s why I only make a comeback now.

Anatomy is over, Behavioral Science is over, and Biochemistry is over. I’m not gonna post about those though; most probably my colleague had done that.

Jangan tunggu sampai esok

Sounds familiar ain’t it? I was making this lame gag to one of my friend, and she ended up blurry. Lord! Don’t tell me you guys too got nothing crossing on mind? It’s a catchphrase of a local furniture company, Courts Mammoth remember? LOL I was brought up served by this catchphrase during commercial breaks on TV since I was 5, and sorry for being over nostalgic.

Back to the ‘don’t wait till tomorrow’ thingy. Here comes the flashback to the year 2007.

It was the end of year where I would go to and fro of town with my friends after our SPM having nothing to do at home. Movies, bowling, window shopping, karaoke, hanging out at the library; you name it. At the mall, we always came across this one shoe boutique and there was when the first time I noticed her, my heart skipped a beat. I’ve gotta tell you, she’s a beauty. She looks elegant, sophisticated, daring, innocent yet sexy at the same time. For crying out loud, I’ve forgotten when the last time was my breath taken away. If let’s say my friends and I went hanging out at the mall for 3 days a week, then I would also grab a chance to go and ‘meet’ her for all the opportunity that I’ve got. I didn’t try to approach her though, even though my heart told me to, knowing I could always see her whenever I went there. Even when my friends provoked me, I’ll say stuff like ‘there’s still tomorrow’ or ‘don’t worry, tomorrow never dies’ and we started laughing.

Until it came to this day when I was thinking about her letting go of my night sleepless. That was when I told myself ‘I’ve got to go and see her tomorrow, and if possible should I just ‘propose’ her?’

She was all in my mind and as planned, the next day I went there with my mum. But she’s not there, in fact she was nowhere in the boutique. Seeing my facial expression, my mum asked the shoe consultant and this was what we got ‘oh that 1? We sold it yesterday’ with a smile carved on his face.

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Ah, I should have just bought her the first time I saw her! It was a Charles n Keith light gold sling-back, with a slim 2 and a half inches heel that could cost you almost RM200! After all it was the year-end sale and after 50% discount I could have owned her with just less than RM100! She’s killing and stunning but yet very nice and comfortable (PS: because I’ve worn my sis’ once)

Just so you know, for some reason why this ‘wait till tomorrow’ attitude is just…..wrong.

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