surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mr. Skeleton

Countdown to final (3 days excluding today)

It was a revision class with Prof Ezz. We covered kinda a lot but he got me lost during the final 30 minutes for it has been so long since I had a 2 hours lecture straight.

Arches of the foot

1. Longitudinal (medial and lateral)
- Spring & deltoid ligament (supports medial longitudinal arch)
- Short & long plantar ligament (supports both arches)
2. transverse
- supported by superficial & deep transverse plantar metatarsal ligament

Talus, calcaneus, cuneiforms, cubiod…
Going in and out my mind by turns.

Factors of arches maintenance

1. Beautifully designed bone structures
2. Ligaments bonded to adjacent bones
3. Strong fascia attachment (plantar aponeurosis)
4. Short muscles of sole
5. Tendons of muscle coming from outside foot

Weight lifting athlete might developed flat foot after some years for disruption of muscles, ligaments, bones & tendons.
Any congenital factor especially in babies caused by abnormalities of bones formation resulted in flat foot.

And starting at this point, my mind goes on a trip. If I were Prof Ezz, I would say;

Any circumstances that cause weakness of factors that maintaining foot arches would result in Nishikido Ryo’s foot.


But don’t worry Ryo-chan. We love you the way you are =)

Lord! The bony thingy really drives me crazy. The attachments (origins and insertions) are best memorized by applying it onto real bones or specimen. Sheessshhhh.. Now how I wish I were a walking skeleton!

As I quote our dean, Prof Dato’ Nik said;
“During my medical student days back in Alex, each student has a set of bones for us to revise”

Momma! Can I have this for my 20th birthday? Puh-liizzzz

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