surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perhaps Exaggeration

Sometimes I secretly fell for that I'm really meant to live with this emotion. Slowly I became addicted to these tears which I once hated so much. Thinking back, I had undergone a 180˚ change. I am no longer the me from 5 years ago. The experience I went through which I suppose should have taught me a lot, turned out to be on the top list of my nightmare. They say we all will grow stronger as years passed by, but my years passed only to witness me being torn down and not be able to stand up on my own. I became obsess on solitude and only wished lifeless things around me to have understand me rather than dealing with living souls.

I let the soft breeze blew away my tears
I let the falling blossom ran across my hair
I let the rain washed away my sorrow
I let the cold wind covered me from my sadness
I let the starless sky took my breath away
I let the unspoken melancholy atmosphere embraced me
I let the ground underneath bear by burden
Even if it was just for a while....

Of all this time I've been holding on, fighting to continue living, there was time when I felt I was alone and no one was around me. Even when I was surrounded by people, it only seemed too ironic and it only seemed to hurt me even more. Literally I started to turned into a lost soul wandering on Earth, not knowing anything but only left alone to breath until death invites me.

My soul trembles in the dark
Hopes escapes away leaving me untouched
Rhythm of despair knocks my thoughts
Somebody save me!!
I’m lying in my stands
I’m running in my walks
I’m mourning in my laughter
Helplessly I can’t tell what lies ahead
Endlessly view fades
End my sorrow
Stop my sadness
Take my suffers away
Wash my sins away
Let me rest in peace….

p/s: I dug into my old diary entries and discovered this, was written not 2 years ago. Gosh! Is this really my piece of thought? Can’t remember what drove me end up composing this, but hell yeah it sounded over melodramatic!

1 comment:

shahrul ezwan said...

seems like u've been travel at very terrible way.
btw, very creative words was chosen. :)

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