surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mourn-worth Tragedy

Date/Day: March 13th / Saturday
Venue: DKP 3

The official closing ceremony of Debat Piala Timbalan Naib Canselor was held. Though all categories of FPSK qualified to quarter-final, but English teams were stuck as quarterfinalist, Arabic team was stuck as semifinalist and round of applause to Malay team who had trashed FSU during the final round and came out as the Champion of Piala TNC kategori BM.

My team was against FEM during quarter-final and we didn’t even expect to lose. The motion was Monarchy has no place in modern Malaysia and FPSK was the government proposing the motion. I’m not going to report every single points, words or even dissatisfactory during the debate here. But there are some things I can only feel peaceful after I posted it.

1. We came out with the definition of absolute monarchy and the status quo is Malaysia practiced parliament democracy while constitutional monarchy only has its place as a symbol of Agong but has no significant as important as democracy. But the opposition denied completely democracy and kept on preaching ridiculously about constitutional monarchy and the worst case was they didn’t even refuse the definition!

2. The best debater went to opposition leader which was just crap. Even I was better. Not to mention I deserve to be one; I don’t mind for not appointed as the best debater, but lose to someone you know who’s nothing better than you is just insulting. I personally think 3rd opposition was much better.

3. The judge commented they didn’t understand my points and it’s not clearly structurized which was twice as insulting. They said it was either because I talked too fast or I used bombastic language. None of them were particularly true. Because during argument I talked real slow to make full use of my 7 minutes and only during replying speech I rushed a bit because I only have 3 minutes to summarize all 3 points of government and all 3 of opposition’s; that makes up 6 points overall!

4. They didn’t give me any POI along my arguments and left me with penalty, but when it comes to deputy PM and 3rd minister, they started being aggressive which just as insulting.

But anyway, everything’s over and I’m glad. The results as we all known, Malay Category won by FPSK, English category won by Tamhidi, Arabic category won by FPQS. Tahun depan ada lagi kan? (Sedapkan hati sendiri)

debaters of FPSK. from right; PM, deputy PM, 3rd minister

at the middle is my bff. on her right is the camera's owner hee..

p/s: due to the ongoing grieving disebabkan kalah dengan FEM unexpectedly, penulis decided to mourn the whole next week by wearing black clothes. Please anticipate =(

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