surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Friday, March 19, 2010

2 is better than 1?

Sape kate 2 is really better than 1? Listening to the ‘2 is better than 1’ song by Boys Like Girls really made me think about this. I mean, I’m not against the statement or anything; it’s just that the statement only seemed partially true and it doesn’t apply to all circumstances. Agree or not when I say, there’ll be times when 1 is better than 2 or 3 or 4? You decide.

The true part about the statement ‘2 is better than one’

People say studying in a group helps a lot. I kind of agree because obviously 2 great minds are better than 1 great mind.
Debatable point: when 2 great minds sit together, there might be clashes of ideas that’ll cause delay.

Taking meals
It’ll look pathetic to sit alone and eating in a café or restaurant ain’t it? Having a buddy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or supper would be nice. People will tend to talk about things.
Debatable point: it’ll only make you take longer time to finish your meals and instead of just talking about work or light conversation, you’ll most likely to start gossiping.

Doing assignment
Completing assignment in pairs or in a group bigger than 1 sure is convenient, we’re able to divide jobs and tasks for researches. This’ll make work easier and fast (by right).
Debatable point: there’ll come to a point where you can’t even start an assignment because each members only argue about what topic to choose, plus we’ll begin quarrelling to take over the easiest task exist. Even the color for PowerPoint wallpaper could be a big issue. Just imagine when I don’t like pink but my pal insists to put pink all over places.

Watching football
This is only from a girl’s point of view for I’ve never watched soccer match be it on TV or live. They said that when people watch football, especially the XY gene it seldom is a one-man-cheering. They’ll make sure to watch it with their buddies for that’s where the excitement is.
Debatable point: guess the side by side pal watching shouldn’t be a fan of 2 all-time enemies club. Or else war is declared.

Sure there are other circumstances justifiable; try to think outside the box for the fun of it. Now moving on to the issue of 1 is better than 2. Actually this is not my point. What I would like to sell this time around in my blog is that 1 is better off with just 1 and it’s best for 1 to not increase into a bigger integer. Oh lord, I hope I didn’t complicate things here. Moving on, la la la.

I can’t remember when was the last time 1 has became such a huge number, and how I was glad it was just 1; not x>1, and how I wish for it to just stay being 1.

Was it when I got 99% instead of 100% for Agama Islam (AG) subject?

Was it when my school netball team lost to a primary school from Batu Pahat (district level) with just 1 point; 19-20?

Was it when my Maybank account only got RM99 balance, and each withdrawal should be at least RM50, plus remaining amount should be not less than RM50 as well, as a result I had to borrow my friend’s money for an outing?

Was it when my road relay team got the 11th place instead of 10th place since prizes are only given to the top 10 groups?

Was is when I reached the LRT station at 10.31 am instead of 10.30 am, that cost me the train ticket that I booked a month earlier?

See? In the above circumstances if you were in my shoes, won’t you as well wish 1 would just stay as 1 and not as any bigger digit? Won’t you as well feel glad that 1 is really better off as only 1? You decide.

p/s: the biggest issue about ‘1’ that leaded me ending up posting this entry is.. jeng3x.

p/s part 2: just after histology lecture in Makmal Pelbagai Guna level 12 this evening, we all saw a weighing scale at the corner of the lab. My friends insisted me to get on and I did. My weight increased by 1 digit; 4X kg instead of 4X kg the last time I checked. With that, how I am glad 1 is better off with just being 1.

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