surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Turning 20 part 2

Rather than having presents ‘come’ to me, my 1st sis made me ‘come’ to it myself.

Kidnapped! Perhaps that’s the word. The plan was set earlier and I never thought the last minute cancellation is unavailable; since later appointments can always be an excuse to refuse something. Unfortunately it didn’t work that way.

My 1st sister secretly registered me to join some sort of camp. First thing first, if it’s something you’ve zero idea about definitely it sucks to anticipate; it was a 2 days and a night indoor camp. Hey but it was a great camp after all! =)

The 13th Khalifah Youth Training (December 25-26 2010)
Organized by an NGO called Khalifah Institute
Conducted by Khalifah Youth Circle

Ampang Utama
We entered a residential area
It’s a 4-storeys house they called the Khalifah Model School (KMS)
Can click here in case you’re curious

They’re trying to bring the Khalifah method;
1. Be good
2. Help others be good
3. Make the world beautiful

Here are the slots
1. Pandangan Alam dan Konsep Khalifah by brother Mursyidi Mohd Diah
2. Creation of the Universe by Prof Norhani Mohidin
3. Hukum Pembelajaran by brother Muhammad Qayyum Abdul Raof
4. Pengukuhan Pengaruh Positif by Dr Alini Marzuki
5. Objective Understanding of Right & Wrong by Sister Azra Banu
6. Islamic Psychology by Sister Azra Banu

If you ask me which is/are my favorite(s), I’d say those by Sister Azra Banu =)

Sister Azra Banu, a mother of 4
A founding member of 4 NGOs
- Muslim Professionals Forum
- Viva Palestina Malaysia
- Orphan Care
- Khalifah Institute
And she just recently came back from a humanity convoy to Gaza

Some of her quotes that caught me most were

‘Good and evil are constants; we’re the one that varies. So not knowing doesn’t change the constants’

‘Heart (Qalb) doesn’t think, it feels. So it feels and doesn’t rationalize. Therefore all decisions must base on Aql’

‘To feel bad about something bad is good, that’s called guilt. And guilt is good when you do something about it. So when you do something wrong, tell yourself to be guilty’

Another reason why I love her slots most is because I was appointed to be the emcee ~weee~
Doubling loving it when I was told to conduct it in English ~weee~
=D =D =D =D =D

I don’t know why, but perhaps my English tongue was predominating that made I shot out a lot of English unconsciously spontaneous most of the time during ice breaking, LDK and opinion sessions (baru balik dari Royals Debate kot. Huhu), which of course I was so grateful of (I personally suck in Malay emceeing).
What I'm interested in being the emcee is that I need to stay fresh and awake for the rest of the slots, paying attention and make simple thoughtful conclusion at the end as a public evidence I didn't doze off.
Here's what I came out with;
Just sit there and do nothing is so wrong
So do something
But not a mere something
But something good
Points to ponder
What's seen isn't necessarily what it seemed
What seems bad might not seen as one
What seems good might not seen as one
So integrate Ruh, Nafs, Qalb and Aql
Think wisely

Anyways, I’m too glad Sis Honey made me come to the camp though honestly I was pretty much refusing at first. Positive spiritual supplement I’m trying to swallow everyday is to tell myself ‘I’m a khalifah of Allah’. Guess a good and healthy new leaf to be turned over eh. Oh btw, Sis Honey made Sis Addie joined as well. Double glad I wasn't alone.

The farewell chocs =)

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