surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mind invasion


Why do people blog? Some says they’re sharing information, some to keep updates with their long-distance friends, some simply to kill time, some appreciates it as a medium of talent, some would just write the hell out not even bothering if it is viewed or read, some to keep them awake if studying turns them into sleeping beauties, some just love it so they could share their lives with public.

Many would agree, many would object. We all have our own reasons why we started blogging.

Whatever She Wants

The time I named this page, never had I think long whether it really would be ‘whatever' to be written. Viewers, readers know best. As much as I hate my life being an open book, as much as I wonder those who got guts cursing people they detest on blogs, as mush as I want to keep myself mysterious, I tried hard not to spill out everything here. Even if I did, it would be a bit indirect and only those who’re sensitive enough could pick it up. My title won’t pretty much be my main point. Sometimes what I really intend to tell is anywhere in the piece; credits to those who’re able to read between the lines.

Is it pretty much like a psychic?

No need to go that far, rather than psychic try to apply instinct instead. Could we actually read minds?

Reading what they wrote, what words they’re using; why is she using thou instead of plain you?
Detailing what shape they’re sketching; why does this flower has only 4 petals instead of 5?
Seeing some drawings; why is the moon crescent and not a full one?
Looking at people randomly, look into their eyes; could you really tell if they’re happy?

Many would assume such things are nothing more than coincidence, as often as it would it’s an unspoken hint saying ‘please save me’
Can people really do that? It’s impossible to know something without being told, yes. But personally,

So much of the breeze sings
So much of the wind chime rings
So much of the bird wings
So much of the little tree clings
You could tell there might be storm soon

Am I wrong?

Postscripts (read: ps)

Did I just give some hints? You decide…

As I quote Fazli

“The moral of the story is, be careful of what we want to believe. Sometimes being a writer, we can manipulate our sentences so that people will tend to trust what we wouldn’t want them to trust”

And by the way, some would blog to intentionally manipulate what others think about them…

So what to do if you're lost in your own world. Can anyone else save you?

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