surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A trip over tongue

Reading the above line if what crossed your mind is a trip taken where you’re jumping over a huge artificial tongue replica in a recreational park at your rare vacation spot, then you’re wrong.
Trip over your tongue (read: stutter)

While others take this as an unfortunate form of words cycle that comes once in a while, people around me and I myself would consider this as something normal (when it happened to me). So much of Syera loves to tease me if I did stutter in class during seminar presentation, tutorial or in everyday conversation, as much I’m keen to justify on what point till to what extent I would stutter.

An overview:
In Japanese consonant they don’t have the letter ‘L’, and phonetically they pronounce ‘R’ as something pretty much between an ‘L’ and ‘D’ with most mingle of ‘R’. Easiest example, try listening to their ‘arigatou’, to sensitive ears it’ll sound jumbling of ‘D’, ’L’ and ’R’ (can come to me if you’re too curious to know)

1. I’ll tend to stutter after eating an ice-cream. The feeling is something near to your tongue is frozen and your tongue muscles’ action is restricted to one point that you can’t pronounce all words right.

2. When the word is too long, for instance the word ‘regurgitation’

3. When the words are hard and confusing, for instance ‘juridical’ and ‘judiciary’.
This is a common thing happened when I’m debating against people who’re major in law (it’ll get worse if the motion revolves anything on laws)
Juridical: connected with law, judges or legal matters
Judiciary: the judges of a country or a state, when they are considered as a group

4. When I talk too fast that I was thinking of something else and something else came out instead. You know when you have to shoot out words one after another instantly that all the thinking time has long gone and what’s left is for you to talk. Can’t help that (believe me it’ll get worse when nervous is along the package). For instance desired word is ‘neurotransmitter’.
I could go ‘neuto’, ‘neuto’, ‘neuto’ for 3 seconds before able to get that neurotransmitter word right. You know when you’re nervous and you’ll start a chain of stuttered words, it’s just contagious in nature.

5. When I’m being a bit letter biased (trying to sound particular letter prejudice). For instance the sentence ‘the pulse rhythm is normal, it’s regularly regular’. Hey, putting ‘L’ and ‘R’ right one after another is not fair! (For me =P). Note the previous overview; I’m mixing up my English and Japanese phonetics.

6. When there’s a sudden change of language mode (particularly Japanese and English). For instance the word ‘Okazaki fragments’. Ok this happened during our recent Biochemistry tutorial; I unconsciously said ‘Ozakaki fragments’. And Syera was like ‘Wanie it’s a Japanese word and you still stutter’, so I was like ‘well, Okazaki is a bit hard for my tongue’. So such words that could make my tongue in jeopardy do exist.


‘But I think she’s a bit moody’
Being told such by a superior, I need a workshop on how to react to that

Studying on bed apart from it secretly tempts me to go drifting in my dreams, what’s distracting is I can’t find my pencil, pens, eraser and even my phone because everything is blue. Optical illusion -__-

On blue comforter

Was it just me or fb is getting even boring-er

No more fb-ing? lol nah~

Since it is winter and snowing here in Al-Razi as claimed by Noor Aiman, we’ve developed some new trends

Ow~ I want one too

Reen thanks for the chocolate graphics =)

From the chocs fair. This is edible ok!

Regarding the blue whale
The receiver is probably missing the giver (^^)


dib^mrs_shim said...

i can rmember the 'ozaka...' thing..
it's not that obvious pown..
but your expressions can be funny..
and that one part is so..................
sgt brani ye skrg?

Zawani Zainudin said...

sgt brani?? hoho, look at what i've became. yada3~~~ huhu ;)

GuGu said...

zawani?! haha

Zawani Zainudin said...

ow~ hye aiman =))))))

^Laila^ said...

lalala~~ haha.. :p

Zawani Zainudin said...

ow~ hye lel =))))

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