surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Friday, January 14, 2011

It lasted for 2 days

Looked upon once
‘It’s beautiful, your eyes look like a Barbie doll’
‘It reminds me of that pussy cat in Shrek, round-watery big cute eyes’

Looked upon twice
‘It’s scary, you look like the ghost in ju-on'
‘Oh now I remember, your eyes look like a vampire’

Looked upon thrice
‘It’s too weird, your eyes are well-cut rounded like a black hole; there’s nothing inside
‘Your eyes look like an alien!’

Ok vampires are hot. I’m concerned that a vampire is considered inhumanly beautiful as described by Bella in Twilight when she 1st saw Edward. But I don’t see how alien and ju-on could be squeezed in between.

The lens hurt my eyes so much not because it’s a coloured one as well as it’s slightly bigger in radius (since it’s purposely meant to make the eyes look bigger). Truth is it’s got a minute scratch that’s why: unavoidable manufacturing defect. The painful 2 days, I experienced the effect of dear workaholic lacrimal glands (read: tear glands) due to oversecretion of tears at a point I nearly believe I’m having cataract!

The torturing beautiful eyes session was over. It lasted for 2 days and that was it, I should’ve known I could never entertain both pain and beauty on the same level. Well at least not opthalmologically, but rather orthopaedically yes; especially regarding lower limb phalanges and metatarsals (I’m talking about my heels obsession). Now that the pair of nuisance lens was emotionally disposed by me (R.I.P my ‘late’ black magic lens), there went my RM xx poofed in the thin air.

Sad but true. In this journey called life, many are lost along the way; in my case TEARS and MONEY. And I really mean it figuratively.

Postscripts corner

Ps: Didi your mimpi was so sengal. Now I kept imagining it happens in real life and it’s all your fault! =P
Pss: What’ll happen if you stalk a stalker? So don’t mess up with me
Psss: Flats are convenient true, but after some time it’s just less elegant!
Pssss: Mid semester assessment starts next week! Dear Al-Razians ganbatte~
Psssss: I might get another pair of black lens after the holidays. Wait for my black pussy eyes comeback! Hohoho~

Like a black hole you said. Look into my eyes and you'll fall for an out-space experience ~heh~ =P


^Laila^ said...

uhukz2.. wani dh buang ke?? xpe2.. natural punya pun dh beatiful la wani~ kte rs wani lawa je always.. hee~~

ps: mimpi pe yg sengal sgt tuh?? :p
pss: wani.. fighting!!~

Zawani Zainudin said...

thanx lel =). mimpi tu psl sumtin yg x bleh cite kat sini, if you know wut i mean. huhu ;)

dib^mrs_shim said...

wani! i cant believe tht ur actually imagining tht!
igtkn wani skali dgr n forgets bout it..
x pe2..
i noe y u kept on thnking psl tu..
it's sweet..
n cheeeeeeeeeessyyyy~
y dnt u tell that dream kt pihak yg ag satu..
tht'd b nice..

Zawani Zainudin said...

i WON'T tell!!!!! ewww pervert! huahuahua =P

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