surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Turning 20 finale

I wonder if this entry has anything to do with me turning 20

Along the way
I learnt this recently in my Creative and Critical Thinking lecture ‘it’s good to challenge on other people’s opinion’, I agreed and when asked why I replied ‘because criticism is essential’, provided it’s a constructive criticism.

Please note the definition of criticism; the act of expressing disapproval of somebody/something and opinions about their faults or bad qualities; a statement showing disapproval
–Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 7th Edition-

I support critics and their critiques, even happy for it if… (Conditioning applied) that critiques are meant to correct what’s wrong and not merely condemning on an egoism basis.

Always believe opinions are subjective, also known as abstract. There’s no definite borderline on opinions; to what extent it’s true and to what extent it’s not; there’s no right and wrong about it.

What owns the properties of further classified as right and wrong is FACT. Here’s the thing;

Fact: Malaysia is a tropical country
Premise A: There’s no snow in Malaysia
Premise B: Malaysia is snowy

Obviously premise A is right and premise B is wrong

Compare with this

Statement: Roses are beautiful
Premise C: Roses are beautiful because they are red
Premise D: Roses are beautiful because they are white

FYI rose’s species could be found in red, pink, white, and yellow. So just because you think roses are attractive most in red, are you going to deny it might look great in other colors too thus denying other roses colors exist?

Premise A and B are right facts and wrong facts respectively. But Premise C and D are opinions themselves. Yep it (read: opinions) may vary from one individual to another but that doesn’t bring about a total ignorance of others’.

So instead of saying a solid ‘NO’ to one’s opinion;
‘No, white roses aren’t as beautiful as red’
You should intercept with manners;
Yeah white roses are nice. But for me, I personally think red roses are the best

While I believe opinion should be left alone as it is and respected, it too can be challenge provided there exist circumstances. For instance;

Statement: Roses are beautiful
Premise E: Red roses are beautiful
Premise F: White roses are beautiful
Circumstance: Need to find suitable type of roses for a wedding reception

Note: White roses symbolize innocence, purity, secrecy, marriage, loyalty, reverence and humility

Under such circumstance obviously you have to go with white. This doesn’t just consider as opinion; this is an opinion and decision where other’s point of view will be totally objected. How to make people accept the decent way? Well that depends on individuals.

Get my point?
1. There’s no right or wrong in opinions
2. If there is a possibility to argue, most probably that’s called facts
3. Opinions can be challenged but under circumstances. If not please respect it as it is
4. And if you were to hold firm to your opinion (to criticize others), please do it with manner
5. And give a constructive one


Maybe there is. I’m gradually becoming more mature than I was (crossed fingers, whoops)

Ps: All examples are random, don’t take it personal.

A garden of blue roses? (^^,)


inquisitive said...

hohoho~anyway,how does this post relate to the 20th? =p

Zawani Zainudin said...

i might just became more sensible in things around me. this opinion thingy for instance, so much of my 20 year-old thoughts la. haha

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