surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Me feeling inferior? Seriously!

We medical students love hanging out on Saturday, aren’t we? I had a girls-hung out yesterday with my sister along with her 3 BFFs; Asma, Loi (a Chinese girl), Syana (pregnant at the moment). These girls are 24 and since some claimed I looked older than my supposed age, I was surprisingly able to fit in. They’re going to graduate on the coming 5 August, of TESL degree. It was cool.

Well, there are only 2 times when I will put extra effort to look good.

1. When I hang out with my sister
We were often told we looked pretty much alike, twins sometimes. But it’s not anymore recently. My sister is really good when it comes to makeup. She often updates her way of doing so, which left me who is obviously zero in it unable to catch up. Who says sisters can’t be intimidated by each other? Wearing flip flop, plain blouse, no makeup, no accessories, is a no-go when I’m walking side by side with her. It would seem like a ‘bibik’ and the goddess. Of course I love my sister, but yet there’s something about her self-confident that makes me hate her so much. One time we hung out and I put on an orange lipstick given by mum. The color is perfect but my lips were too dry for it. I turned to her and went “hey my lips are dry, maybe it’s because of the climate. But how come yours aren’t?” and she was like “well, that’s my strength. Even though I’ve got eczema, my lips don’t crack”. Freaking sister! She’s beautiful, she’s good in turning her complexion flawless under her makes, she's got smaller eyes, she’s slimmer (funny how she fits an M-sized skirt and I don’t), and some more she’s photogenic. But above all she’s a real one strong and independent girl I knew, I love her.

Yep that's her

Keep on trying hard to look good

2. When I’m in love


“Oh my god, is that pink? Mika, pink is not your color and you don’t wear pink lipstick unless you’re in love”
-Koizora (sky of love) episode 2-

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Sop said...

yes, your sister is cute.

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