surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Monday, August 30, 2010

The end of a dilemma

And this post is a bit long.

She’s the one I don’t have to pretend with.
She’s the one I who knows me inside out.
She’s the one I don’t have to worry getting upset.
She’s the one who don’t bother correcting me.
She’s the one who accepts me when others are against me.

I’ve known her for 7 years. We’ve been playing the chase since we were 13. What’s with the chase?

I first met her in 2003; we were in the same dormitory back in a local premier school. Different classes, but with no one to lean on as a freshmen, we ended up crying on each other’s shoulder.

After 7 months, I got an offer letter from a boarding school. Mum kept urging me to go for some reason. I on the other hand was 50/50. I’d love to run away from the ridiculous problems with friends and seniors, but at the same time, it wasn’t easy to say goodbye to those who’ve been there for me. Holding on to ‘mum knows best’, I decided to leave for the new school. I didn’t stand a chance to properly bid everyone farewell, and the worst part was I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving but my classmates. Mum fetched me in a rush and, I could only sob silently. I met her before I leave, but the tears explained and nothing could be said.

Few days afterwards, I got a phone call from her saying that she too got the offer letter! By a thread of fate, we registered to a new school as the first batch. 5 years going through thick and thin; she was my deskmate for 3 years.

Just when we thought we’ll be apart from each other after graduated high school, once again luck was on our sides. I went to college and few months after that she followed me to the same college! A year of foundation, even though we were both in different courses, but still I would sleepover at her room over the weekends, I would called her up for dinner on a not-so-busy evening, I would get crazy along with her when things were so stress out.

But as a part and parcel of life, things can’t always go our way; we both now eventually we will go in our own different way. Now for instances, she’s in USIM main campus, Nilai, while I’m currently in USIM Pandan Indah campus.

But distance doesn’t really matter.

Aziey-Zwen bff 4ever

Yakusoku da yo ne

*it's a promise*

Alright as usual, those were the intro. What’s with the dilemma?

The thing is I’ve started my mid semester assessment this week; today to be exact (Biochemistry). Coming up is Physiology and Anatomy on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. To make it short, Aziey called me up for a hang out last Saturday (Between exam and Aziey? Oh lord!). But anyway, I still choose to go out, aware of Biochemistry paper the nest Monday.

She sketched this for me

Well, probably here comes the highlight.

When we were both walking at the mall, we ran into some friends from USIM; she was having a reunion with her high school friends. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere our pic was captured!

Aziey’s going to kill me for making this public!

And he tagged us of facebook. But hey, I’m not the type who’s going to let go that easy. So ladies and gentlemen I present to you, here is the so-called cameraman;

Interested in him? Feel free to add him on facebook then!/ahpem

Ps: note that I don’t take any commission doing this, I don't even know him.

and oh, Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yg ke-53 btw


Ah Pem said...

It looks as if you're writing an essay for each of your entry but, in an interesting style

miss zwen said...

that's y i started blogging at the 1st place. apart from trying to throw out made-up theories, writing is one thing i'm good in, or at least i thought i am.

Syaza Ismail said...

Awhhh. This is so sweet darling. :)

miss zwen said...

thanx hunn~ =)

Syaza Ismail said...


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