surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God has a fair way to repay us

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Last Saturday, I had this one person I knew told me stories.
Ps: Original version has been adapted, this is the edited one.

She doesn’t cook. Getting married and then became a mother, she still refused to and often dined out from nearby food court. Turned out when this little boy of hers grew bigger, he said “Mama I don’t want to eat outside food, it doesn’t taste nice. I want mama to cook”. I still remember when I was his age and thought my parents as superheroes who can do everything. He must have reached that stage then. And she goes like “I really didn’t see this coming, and whether I want it or not I have to cook for him. God someone has a funny way to punish me” she said with a small chuckle. Well true enough. Come what may, life will eventually take its course. It’s just the matter of time and whether we would notice it.

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I used to love the line ‘coincidence is everywhere’. Me and my BFF came out with that when we were 15 and too naïve about life. Growing older, we then realized that it is after all fate that we went through. Talking about it philosophy-wise coincidence holds synonym to accident, chance, luck, quirk, twist of fate.

So it was an accident when you bumped into someone you like, with a terrible look just right after you got off nap. Agree or not it’s your opportunity whether to turn it into a chance or yet let it be another unfortunate shameful event of the day. You could try your luck, saying ‘hi’ for instances. Well let’s just say you won’t go that advanced, but sometime soon just imagine if you were the one in his shoe and him in yours. All of all, it will clicked in your mind that the situation is turned around by a strange quirk of fate. And after all, it starts with a coincidence.

Off topic
The 6th Inter-faculty Scrabble was successfully held last Saturday and we got a very positive feedback from people. Credits to our director, Sayid Aiman as well the rest of committee members for the job well done.

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