surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Friday, July 30, 2010

A lil bit of things

On topic 1:
It has been nearly a week since the Inter-Medical Scrabble thingy. And here I go again, after gaining some enthusiasm to post about it. To be truth even though I personally thought that it didn’t go out well, surprisingly people around me claimed the other way around. Ms Que, my MSC seniors, committee members and even the participants. Shalisa the 1st runner up from UKM talked to me personally, she’s so thankful and glad that we invited them and she said she hasn’t had so much fun for ages; she used to play scrabble back in school. The girls from UiTM as well wished we could organize the event again next year. They said apart from the Inter-Medical Debate organized by UM, there seems like none else event left for the medical students. I see this as a great and awesome opportunity for MSC, we might just hold it again for next. And one more thing, I got this quite a lot. Most of the participants are the 1st and 2nd year students; except for Shalisha she’s in 3rd year and another 8 participants from USIM are 5th and 6th year respectively. They thought of me as a 4th year student! It’s either because I looked too matured or because I looked old, well you decide.

left: me, right: Intan

4th place: Nurul Najmee (UiTM)
3rd place: Brother Suhaimi (USIM)
2nd place: Shalisha (UKM)
1st place: Sis AJ (USIM)

Hey, I’m really looking forward to the Inter-faculty Scarbble this coming August 21st, go Emang and the gang! I got to be the head judge. Hontou ni tanoshimi!

Spotted watching the final round

Off topic 1: There has to be a better pic than this. I'm waiting for the scrabble deluxe board pic after final round but somehow the email hasn't arrived, anyways.

On topic 2:
Oh lord! My friends claimed my words seemed to be a bit too mean lately; outspoken, cynical and sarcastic. Oh dear, I’m sorry. Honestly my intonations are a bit off these days, I wish I know why. So forgive me if I, by no means to be mean offended you.

On topic 3:
Dr. Rafidah our Physiology lecturer said that the 3-in-1 beverage is not good. Because each amount of cream or chocolate or coffee or tea and sugar in each sachet has been extra concentrated than its usual quantity, so who knows you’re taking extra bit of everything and that’s not good for your body. Come to think about it, now I know why my sister used to order or drink coffee instead of Nescafe. I once asked her, what’s the different between those and she went ‘sweetheart, obviously coffee comes from grinded coffee beans which make it more expensive while Nescafe is just some cheap 3-in-1 beverage’. Oh, and now I know. I’ll get myself to drink coffee after this rather than Nescafe.

On topic 4:
A day after the Inter-medical Scrabble, the whole class (almost) went for a theatre at KLPAC. Earlier plan was to go and watch Romeo and Juliet, but then under some circumstances we were ought to watch Indicinelive; it was a combination of short sketches. And off we went. Apart from the 3 hot chicks singing and dancing in their shorts and narrow strips tops, 4 hunks shouting and cursing, with all 7 of them running on and off stage, after all those were just it (it was funny though). I did enjoy the laughing part but frankly those were it and nothing more. It wasn’t for the sensitive issues that they touched, wasn’t for the exaggerated languages and outfits that they wore (took those as some sort of exposure with boundaries). It’s just that I prefer proper play with proper costumes. You see, I used to be a big fan of art and literature. So that’s why I’m anticipating more on the art rather than issues.

The indicinelive casting

On topic 5:
There got to be the reason why I posted about miscellaneous of these and that.

Left most; superior and inferior: Door 1 & Door 2
1: Me
2: My best friend
3: The cupboard
Basically this is the plan of my lecture hall. Me and my best friend is separated by a row! So I can't just turn around and shout 'Hey Dibah, I have something to tell you', so whether I want it or not I have to walk to the back and sit beside her to talk to her. That's why I'm bit reckless of posting this time; these are things I wanted to tell her that I didn't get to tell her.
'Dibah, you don't mind me commercializing your name right =D'

Yeah, basically I talk about nearly everything with her. God bless me..

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