surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Saturday, July 24, 2010


If you ask me, where had it gone wrong, it was everywhere. The Inter-medical School Scrabble Competition, personally it didn’t go as well as I wished. Maybe the committee didn’t seem to have clicked, was it me who failed to be a good director? (Since when did I know how to exist with others?). But overall I’m glad it’s over. It’s more than 12 hours after the event ended, and I don’t even feel like talking about it yet. But one thing I wanted to do the most right now is to thank everyone.

Thanks Atin for unconditionally accompanying me to and fro the office, keeping the faith in me after been scolded by Puan Mazlen.

Thanks Reen and Jedo for the venue setup, transportation, dealing with the IT people

Thanks Lel for the registration, and Bob for being the head judge

Thanks Naniim for the banner, posters, the sellings

Thanks Nudin, Aflah and Intan for the multimedia presentation. Not to forgotten thanks to Kimi for being the cameraman (even though it was very last minute).

Thanks to Anie, Mael and Dijat for dealing with prizes, certs, tags and plaque. I really appreciate to guys using your own money first to buy those.

Thanks to Dilah for handling the food

Thanks Gugu for the invitation card, and for entertaining the VIP

Thanks to everyone who have contributed directly or indirectly to carry out the event successfully.

My colleague

Special thanks to

The participants
The supporters
The emcee
The prayers recitor
The seniors
The juniors

Thanks to everyone

That would be all

P/s 1: Why does my writing sound lame?

P/s 2: Since when do I post people’s pic without permission? Am I idolizing?


Tasniim AHY said...

And thanks to u tooo~ xperasan pn cnmner competition smlm tu~ asyk terperap kt belakang booth je. nway, we hav another one to go~ ha3
ermm, btw, where did u get d pics. cm candid je byk.

miss zwen said...

sian naniim missed the game. but it was great. mne dpt pics? hehe kat rmh kte ni sgt ramai stalker, bkak pendrive blambak gmbo2 yg x dsangka. huhu.

GuGu said...

wani. sama2 kasih ea. kte x wt pe p0n senanyer. nwy,sori x tlg kmas2 ptg smlm. kene blk sgt ad hal. n seb bek gmbr kte ok. haha
kalo x malu wo0. huuu~

miss zwen said...

to man: haha, isk msti la nk letak gambo yg comel2 =)

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