surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Or not as it seemed. The next minutes of yours will be full with unfortunate events, which if you ask me I would pretty much exaggerate as much as I could to make it sound like hell. Hey exaggeration is my middle name.

It was something I didn’t see coming and pretty much ruined my ruined day (no matter how much you think of this, it won’t cancel each other).

Writing at this moment seems to annoy me so much, so I’ll just go straight to the point. Just be ready; I’m going to be a bit too emotional now.

I was in my English class from 2pm to 4pm when Didi who was in the Arabic class texted me, telling;

“Wani ustazah gune laptop wani kat depan”


What? Shoot! But hey come to think of it, it’s not that bad; nothing personal anyway. Maybe they needed it so much. Apart from my lappy skin, as far as I have in mind there’s nothing too attractive on it when been put in front of half the class.

[lappy skin]

After English and walking into the lecture hall, the girls started telling me stuff and explaining what happened in Arabic class just now.

Gugu: ala wani jangan la tension sangat
Me: what? em xde la tension pun. It’s just the skin right. Yeah it should be nothing.
Gugu: no, we’re talking about your wallies.
Me: ………

Lord! For crying out loud! I really didn’t see it coming! My wallpaper;

Tasniim tried to change the desktop background but ‘thanks’ to those who were already happy with it (‘comey doh’ or so; was that what they were saying?), started being havoc for no reason as they always are. And the wallies stayed for the rest of class.

Since half of the class were so excited about it, and another half doesn’t even know anything. Do you wanted to see the picture that much? For crying out loud, get a life!

The issue didn’t end in campus, but I purposely dragged it on back at home.

“Reen, cube explain sket ape actually yang berlaku dalam class arab tadi”

My expression was nowhere near relaxed and cool. With all the stuff running in my head about the Inter-medical Scrabble; I felt like cursing.

There she went, explaining.

Intan: aku tak rase wani kesah pasal benda ni, bukan pape pn. It’s just a pic.

Yep! She’s right. I won’t give a damn care about it (if I’m being a normal me) since acting tough and independant is my 2nd and 3rd middle name accordingly. But hey, maybe I do care; with me being too tired and disturbed with a big event coming this Saturday and I’m the director, and there are still a lot of things that haven’t settled yet.
Hell! I can’t be anything, but distracted.

Truth is, I really don’t care when that happened before my eyes and I knew it. But the thing is that when it happened without me knowing anything and only be informed by people once it is over. My belongings should be my belongings and people shouldn’t use it without telling me.

I felt like I’m naked in some ways, when something I considered private is being publicized. True, it was just a picture of Miura Haruma. But hey, these were just wrong.

And that was zawani zainudin, being emotional

Maybe I didn’t tell anyone about how I really felt, but this is the way me telling everyone without me even telling.

With that I thank you.


GuGu said...

alalalala wani..comel pe pics tu. rsnyer xd mende p0n. lappy skin tu org cm xckp sgt...ur wallies laaa...ala,cm xbese je dk laki ske wt havoc lbey2..pdhal xde mende p0n...huuu~
no worries laaaa

miss zwen said...

thanx, saayaaang mann =. actually ari tu je yg emo sgt. klw pk2 blk mmg nothing big pn.

GuGu said...

gugu syg zwen juga.
o0ps silap.
cik gugu saaaaayang cik z0ey jua.

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