surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Saturday, July 10, 2010



Is read omatashimashta; neglecting ‘i’ in shita; means you’ve waited long; basically dedicated to my blog viewers (as if I have numerous of them). It was the first week of lecture, it was the orientation week of our junior the 1st year students, it was the week I went to and fro the faculty office; meeting staffs and admin regarding the coming events, and in short it was the week to absorb all of these. I’m struggling to fit in back into the template of being a medical student after the long 2 months holidays.

Is it true that stress could lead to insomnia? The thing is, I never pay too much attention on insomnia. I thought insomnia is just an adult propaganda that is able to gain scientific medical term; until I experienced it myself recently. I guess I suffered from insomnia these past few days. Truth is I worried about too many things that the anxiety jumps along into my dreams, sounds creepy ain’t it?

Basically there are 3 stages of our sleep; conscious, semi-conscious and unconscious at all (those were 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage respectively). When one puts his head to sleep, by right he’ll undergo the 1st stage of all that is conscious; where your eyeballs are still in motion, you could listen and understand well what others are talking about near you (brain still operates normally). After some time then he’ll reach the 2nd stage where you started to dream. However you could listen to certain things around you that most probably contributing the “soundtrack” of your dream simply because you’re semi-conscious. For example people laughing out loud, sound of ringing clock or phone. This is due to the process of brain resting where it hesitates whether or not to interpret a stimulus as something necessary. Then only it proceeds to the 3rd stage where he’ll be completely unconscious to the extent that he won’t respond to you waking him. The dream continues though. This is the time where basal metabolic rate is maintained; all organs are at rest except vital organ heart for instance, but still the heart rate is lower than normal. Perhaps a good night sleep is when one in the 3rd stage.

Talking about dreams, ever wonder why there will be times when you thought your dream was super awesome but you can’t recall any of it once you woke up? Why are there dreams that left you with memories and some without? Here comes the interesting part; a group of scientists believe that we can only trace our ‘dream plot’ during the 2nd stage of sleeping because basically brain is halfway to rest. And as deducted, dreams during the 3rd stage can’t be fetched to the real world once you woke up.

Back to the topic that I’m having insomnia (sorry for making the points about dream damned sickening long), I sensed that I can remember well all what my dreams were about these past few days. Judging this, I would infer that I only reached the 2nd sleeping stage or in short I had not a quality sleep for this week.

But the good thing is, it proves to me that insomnia isn’t just propaganda and stress does lead to insomnia.

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