surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zawani's tossing coin rule

To be truth, the next 10 minutes of yours (or less, depends on how long you spend reading this) might or might not be giving you any benefit. The post this time around is just the freaking me spilling what I have in mind right now (which I guess didn't do much different with the previous post). So always feel free to leave now if you’re not interested. Crap! I kinda made an unofficial vow to myself not to write recklessly here, not to mention posting something personal. But guess I’ve to forgive myself just for this time... again.

P/s: Warning! This may sound a bit pissing off, so forgive me.

Have you ever be in the situation where decision is required? Sure have. Along the growing years we have and those who haven’t I shall say they weren’t human. And I hate those who are indecisive! No exception, and if it so happened I was the one being unable to decide, that’s going to lead me hating myself. Nobody ever said decision making is simple (if not they won’t lecture on decision making in my behavioral science class!) with all the risks taken into account, not just yourself but people around you as well, the consequences and all factors above it. But still, a bad decision is better than not deciding at all. We’re lucky or most likely we’re blessed if the opt we made work our way, but the worst-case scenario is that when it’s the other way around. There’s no turning back in a decision making, what’s left later is definitely the consequences which lead to another chain reaction of decision making. At this point, those who implied the wrong judgment would be given one unspoken chance to atone their fault by making a better judgment and decision. That’s how decision making matures people. There’s no such thing as not deciding just to be on the safe side. By deciding to not decide, isn’t that a decision making?

Only still it’s depressing when I’m unable to decide on what’s right. But there’s always one way that might work for me when all doors of optimism closed; I called it the rule of the coin.

(Hey I might just share my little philosophy on decision making!)

Alert! RIDICULOUSity level to the max!

Coin has head and tail and I don’t know which one to choose, simply because I can’t tell (as such even strong instinct has been turned off). Try to toss it and catch! Peep in between my palms in a slow-mo and I saw tail. My heart sure won’t lie when I feel disdain on this. It means if I’m not happy with tail, most probably I should go with head. Even though it wasn’t such an ultimate decision making, but hey sometimes we need to know what we don’t want, to get to know what we want right.

And I’m done blabbering!

pemisah ridiculousity and reality

Dear Lord
Guide us to The Right Way, the way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not of those who have earned Your anger, or those who went astray [1:5-7]

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