surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm ready to cry now part 2

Peace be upon you

Okaeri! (Welcome back). Anticipating for the 2nd part? Here it is (keep scrolling down)

Yeah that’s right, you’ll get there soon

Well actually I lied. There’s no 2nd part to it, sorry to disappoint. If you’re too frustrated feel free to throw your lappy into the washer machine.


[Commercial break]

You: why is Thursday your favorite day? (Puzzled anticipation)
Me: because the next day is Friday (I would answer this with sparkling eyes)
You: and what’s with Friday? (Double puzzled anticipation)
Me: well that’s easy. Because the next day is Saturday and there’s no class on Saturday right.
You: so basically your favorite day is Saturday?
Me: nope it’s Thursday.

Up until I was 17 I used to love Thursday. I longed the feeling of counting down to weekends; it’s like fasting forward the excitement, with this I only have to worry about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But it has been a little while since I was that optimist. The me now is more to keep worrying about every day, shame.

That would be enough I guess. Now ladies and gentlemen I present to you (drum roll please).
Ah by the way, sorry I lied about lying (no matter how much you think about this, they won’t cancel each other won’t they?).

“I’m ready to cry now part 2”

It was just recently that I realized I should at least trash them virgin* (rujuk nota kaki di bawah) since I have a lot of free times at home. I bother myself to check out some mails I suppose important by instinct and I saw this 1 sent by Dr. Suhaila Sanip. It says something about the essay writing competition organized by The Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO and endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. Seeing the ‘J’* word (rujuk nota kaki di bawah) was more than enough to make my heart escaped my chest. Open to contestant 25 and below. I forgot when exactly this letter went inbox (must be the earliest week of our holidays) but Dr. Suhaila said those who are interested may send in their essay by June 7 to the faculty; that is 3 weeks earlier than the actual closing date, so that the faculty can forward the participation to HEP. I only get to know about this last week and checking out

And here it comes the part where I’m ready to cry

The 1st prize winner will be invited to the award ceremony in Tokyo! Look, I’m not looking forward to the 1st prize since I know my writing level is still crap, but hell putting side by side writing and Japan are within my top obsessions. Besides, an entry won’t harm right. And thinking in advance, having yet to receive a certification by international organization would be profitable ain’t it.

Shut! By then no matter how much I think about it, I know it’s going to be impossible to hand in entry. The reason why Dr. Suhaila announced it way earlier is because there should be procedures right. In order to inform HEP and getting approval from our VC; these won’t settle in a second. And personally for me to compose an 800 words original and unpublished essay about the world peace, I can’t just close my eyes pretending to sleep and go ‘abracadabra’ puff a complete printed essay before my eyes. There sure needs researches, ideas, opinions that could cost me weeks. Even though the entry can be sent via mail, but still they won’t accept individual essays; it has to be accompanied by teachers, director and school approval (sob).

Flash back. This all happened because I didn’t check my mails regularly. Why? Because there were abundant of them. Why? Because I subscribed unnecessary stuff. Why? Well basically because I didn’t think about the consequence back then. Now that I’d learnt the lesson, I had them all unsubscribed and managing my inbox well.

I wonder if there’s still next time.

*nota kaki
-I refer to the unread mails as the virgin mails
-the ‘J’ word stands for Japan


Anonymous said...

ritu mas bace emel tu, teringat kat wani gak. tp assume wani dah baca, so tak inform pape. hu~

Tasniim AHY said...

hahaha. how cud u miss dat email. i thot of doing dat essay thingy. but xwat pon. blank, xde idea. he3, mmg, the prize tu mmg menarik.

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