surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm ready to cry now part 1

Time passed by, and always; never once stopped. With this too, my inbox yahoo mails were as well never stopped overflowing. There had been a time when the inbox reached over 3000 unread mails. Well, this is the price you’ve got to pay if you do something without thinking.

Wonder what actually had happen?

It started when I first registered into USIM, and yep this is 2 years ago I’m talking about. Having been overwhelmed by unnecessary unbalanced emotions drew me to start subscribing articles from a well-known website regularly. The time when the still naïve me kept worrying how I find it hard to make friends, how embarrassing when I was caught for spacing out in lectures, how frustrating when everyone else but me got full marks in Math pop quiz; well, basically you know what I mean.

I shall say then, I was subscribing the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily’. With over 20 new mails coming in every day I thought I could make myself busy and stop worrying about whatthehellofdespair I’m getting in. Somehow it didn’t take me long to start ignoring those updates since I found myself fitting in well and getting even busier with classes.

The onset of overspill yahoo mails started then and there. I didn’t bother to check them out or delete them since it would cost me extra minutes to wait for them loading plus the ‘luxurious’ atmosphere of internet connection.
After foundation and moving on to the first year, I’ve never seen this as a problem; most probably no one would email me such important mails anyway. I’ve never even put extra effort to read mails posted by seniors or lecturers; let alone announcement, tutorials, aduan kerosakan, reminders.

There you go. How do find the intro? Most of you must have feel like cooking me right now, anyway. Check out part 2 to know the consequence when you do something without thinking.

P/s: Basically this is just one desperate way to add up my blog post, nothing more.

P/s 2nd version: I personally think my English started to pretty much suck!

P/s 3rd version: Maybe because I’ve been practicing Japanese too much.


balqis said...

takpcaye yg p/s 2nd tu, hehe =P

Tasniim AHY said...

'p/s 2nd version' is never going to happen. hak3

miss zwen said...

haha. likely not gonna happen.

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