surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Friday, July 23, 2010

My Charles & Keith

Off topic: I’m clean from my emo mode now

Everyone knows I love heels, or at least I thought so. Guess I can’t help it because it’s in my blood. Mum used to wear heels back in the old days, but not in her fifties these days. My first sister used to wear heels during her student days, but ever since she’s married and became a mum for one, apparently she isn’t nothing near to getting acknowledged taller (when she’s already tall, in fact she’s the tallest out of us the 3 daughters). As long as it’s comfortable, it’s a deal. My second sister is an innocent heels maniac. She has got this one heels from Voir – her favorite at the moment – which referred to as her sports shoes; going everywhere in it. Having all her collections kept home the last holidays took ¼ of our living room (oh I made up this part) so you could get a little idea about her. So it seemed that the traits have started to become a bit dominant in me. The closest reason is perhaps because I and my second sister are considered tall in the family when everyone else in our family is definitely taller.

Why women love heels? Nice question. ‘Because we wanted to appear taller’ is somewhat a lame reply. As a whole, many would object wearing heels especially doctors and health consultant. It’s bad for your legs, your posture, your back and your foot bones; phalanges, metatarsal, talus, calcaneum, cuneiform (I thought by mentioning few could make me seem cool). Somehow rebutted by beauty consultant, models and shoe designers, they claimed it won’t harm if women know how to choose the right heels, not if it’s well designed and not some cheap-fake-branded heels (no offense). A debate between these elites could turn interesting and nasty at the same time.

On my side, I actually kinda agree with both; because I’m a future doctor and I’m a fashion devotee (oh I don’t really have a good sense of fashion, I just tried my best to look good which is a safe enough tips to not being a fashion victim). Or perhaps I’m a little bit biased towards the beauty consultant.

As to begin with, last Saturday I got myself a brand new pair of Charles & Keith; they offered up to 50% of since it’s the end-of-season sale. I’ve always wanted one and I guess that was my chance. Acting all excited about it, I didn’t hesitate to put it on soon after I got out of the boutique. It’s not that I’ve never wear heels, it’s just that it’s my first platform heels I’ve ever purchased. Since it’s the highest heels I ever got myself so far, I figured out it hasn’t been the same.

debut pic

The so-called runaway debut was on last Monday when I wore my Charles & Keith to campus. The first person to greet me was Tirah, right after I got off the bus. Entering class, I don’t know who else noticed I was getting extra 4 inches taller, but my girl friend Adibah definitely did; followed by the girls (masing-masing pun sibuk la nak try pakai =P).

Maybe I haven’t got to my sister’s level of wearing heels; she definitely could run in it. But personally it hasn’t been the same. I’m aware of the changes in me walking when wearing heels rather than flip flop. In order for you to seem lay back and not too stiff walking, I figured that you need to swing to an extent degree. Swing what? Not your hands, your hips la. Or else you can’t be anything near to stable and it would seem like a robot walking. Next is to keep your back straight. Good heels are those which can keep your back straight; I know it’s hard to find, but there is. Secure your shoulders and back in the right position so you won’t look pathetic in heels. One more important thing is, you need to keep every step light. What I meant by keeping it light is to walk normally. Landed by heels first, then your distal plantar (like a normal walking mechanism). Some heels-first timers would just land the whole sole on the ground; which look pretty much like marching.

So the above are the dos and don’ts when wearing heels.


Sop said...

heels can also double as a stabbing weapon. in case of mugging, just take one off and whack the perp in the jugulars with the pointy heel making first contact.

GuGu said...

tyme wani suro kte tkr kasut wktu kte tyme peak hour punyer xsehat 2 mmg kte rs sgt disaster. haha
wani ni nk bnuh ak ke...>dlm ati.
d buat nyer tyme kte trbrsin wktu jln pki ksut tu mmg terpeleot la. haha

miss zwen said...

to sop: well i might consider getting a slim pointy heels after this

to man: mntk maaf la sgt2 man, hehe dah la muke mse tu mmg dh x larat =)

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