surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
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Saturday, October 2, 2010


What’s with Osaka? I wish I know.
Finding myself a bit adoring stuff from this west part of Japan. I wonder why.

-Is it because Kanjani 8 is from Osaka?

-Specifically Nishikido Ryo is from Osaka and speaks thick Kansai-ben? (Well not so thick as other Kanjani 8 members LOL)

-The young Johnny’s Entertainment star, Nakayama Yuma is from Osaka?

-Aoyama Thelma, the African-Japanese J-pop singer who’s popular with the song ‘Mamoritai mono’ is born in Osaka (recently feated TaeYang for the song ‘Fall in Love’)?

-Kato Shigeaki from NEWS was once lived in Osaka before moved in to Tokyo (followed his parents)?

-Kinki Kids, one of Johnny’s Entertainment artists whose singles are often attained top on Oricon chart, is Osaka original?

-Ayaka, the J-pop singer who married Mizushima Hiro (starred as Nanba-senpai in Hanakimi) is from Osaka before she moved to Tokyo? (Rumor said they both are going to move back to Osaka).

-Koda Kumi, the singer who started the ero-kakkoi style trend in Japan is from Osaka?

-Bennie K the R&B oriented duet J-pop singer; sing the song Monochrome for Binbo Danshi OST is also from Osaka?

-Since Leah Dizon the French-American Chinese-Filipino chick who shines in Japan (even debuted in Japan) claimed that she likes Kansai-ben when she was the guest on Kanjani 8’s talk show?

-Sen no Rikyuu the founder, considered the Ever Great Tea Master in Japanese Tea Ceremony history was an Osaka-origin?

Well, personally I love Kansai-ben too (Kansai-ben is just another name for Osaka-ben. Ben is referred to dialect; Tokyo-ben, Hakada-ben etc). Tokyo-ben is considered the standard Japanese dialect.

It sounds interesting and fun to listen to. Also indirectly the reason why most Japansese comedians come from Osaka.

For instances;

To say 'I like you' or 'I like this'
Tokyo-ben: 'suki!'
Kansai-ben: 'sukiyan!' or 'sukiyanen!'

To say 'why?'
Tokyo-ben: 'nande?' or 'naze?'
Kansai-ben: 'nandeyan' or 'nandeyanen?'

To say 'thanks for the hard work' (said after working)
Tokyo-ben: 'otsukaresamadeshita!' or 'otsukare!'
Kansai-ben: 'ookini!'

To say 'new shoes'
Tokyo-ben: 'shinnin no kutsu'
Kansai-ben: 'sara no kutsu' or 'massara no kutsu'

To say 'mother'/'father'
Tokyo-ben: 'okasan'/'otousan'
Kansai-ben: 'okan'/'ossan'
The feeling is pretty much the same when you heard Kelantanese dialect.
You'd say 'tubik doh klate dio'
Instead, for Kansai-ben.
I'd say 'His Kansai-ness is obvious!'

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