surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aiman dearie~

Firstly to anyone at all, Aiman is a girl! Noor Aiman Mohd Noor.

Mann~ thanks a lot for the post specially dedicated to me, so happy and feel like crying already \(^_^)/
Maybe I’m just too stressed out that I blurted that question, and true it has been so long I wished I could ask you. You seemed so much a happy-go-lucky girl that I often envy.

You made me flash back the memory lane too.

The truth is lately…
I might be a bit too out of pace,
I might be enthusiastically-degraded,
I might lost a large portion of my crucial self-motivation,
I might turned too emotional,
I might hev forgetten how to be happy,

But realizing another friend of mine is happy struggling her medical student life, I can’t help but to be strong. Not to mention having her said she loves me (I love you too Mann~!)

I’m trying hard to figure out who I really am,
And if you’re going to try harder to figure me out,
Then I think I’m going to cry now
(Hey I always thought of myself as dark and mysterious) LOL

I once used to be so optimist, when I was little
So guess I'll try to be one again

Thanks a lot again,

dear Aiman
Zwen loves you soooo too!
~double the pic, double the love~

Ps: THAT question pn mmg nk tnye gk actually.. hehe


GuGu said...

oh zawani! sy trgelak sorang2 bc post ni. didi ckp kte cm psngn brcinta. huuuu~
kte pon rs wani cm misteri sgt. bgus pe, wt org len wanna know bout u more n better..u know what,,ade nye someone cm wani(very precious fren) dlm hidup kte yg brwrna-wrni laaa yg menyebabkn kte slalu hepi..he3.
btw, THAT question nk tney pon ok jek.he3.

ps: seb bek awk x ltk gmbr kte sorang2 yg bsr gedabak tu..malu je kte nti.weeee~saranghaeyo! ^^

GuGu said...

alamak! slh eja~

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