surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Saturday, October 16, 2010

The number is 2

The number is 2 to be exact;
Didi: Wanie maen netball ke?? Isk tak caye la, tak dapat bayangkan Wanie maen netball camne.
Tirah: Eh Wanie maen netball? Yeke? Tak la, Wanie kan nampak sopan je slalu.

These were the face-to-face reported feedback. The indirect ones, monologue, silent reactions are excluded.

Did I look too graceful in heels that they can’t imagine me in sports attire? LOL. Don’t worry guys, I’m not offended.

I haven’t played for ages, but hey netball is in my blood. I’ve been exposed to the ‘hoh!’s and ‘hah!’s of the players asking for ball passes on the netball court since I was 5. Oh did I forget to tell you? My mum was a netball coach for more than 20 years. She officially stopped training players since 8 years ago when she was promoted to be the Senior Assistant of student affairs. Started since her first posting in SMK Tun Hussein Onn, Kluang (she was 23), but wait! Maybe earlier; started since she was doing her teaching practical in Sultan Abu Bakar Girl School Muar. So I used to follow mum coaching on weekends when I was little. Played seriously during primary and played for fun during secondary.

Yeah mum’s a teacher. Major in PE (Physical Education to those who don’t know), minor in Malay Language. She’d played almost all sports during her student days including swimming! One time when I was cleaning an old photo album, I saw a small-cut newspaper article of young ladies playing national netball tournament and one of them was my mum, with a thigh-length skirt! Whoa mum, you rock!

Back to the issue, personally despite me hopping around in heels, putting on makeup, get all dressed so-called G.L.A.M-ly, ‘utilizing’ such and such beauty products, I do get down and dirty at times. I love sweating so much that I wish I could marry sweating. Probably this got something to do with having a little brother. He’s younger by 3 years and having no one clashing holidays with his but me, made me his favorite. Be it wrestling fella, silat-ing partner, rounders catch-ball, I’m always his favorite. There was one time when he brought home his own rugby ball and then started to teach me how to do the hurl ball! Oh well, no matter how big he grew, he’ll always be my baby brother.

Me and Didin

So off to Nilai tomorrow at 6.30! Yep so early in the morning. A team of netball, along with 2 teams of futsal and a team of football.

That’s right, saya akan jadi gadis berjersi no 3 esok.

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