surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Friday, August 31, 2012

Down Under Adventure #1 – Hello Sydney-

Flight KL-Sydney took 8 hours. And we arrived in Sydney Airport at 9.15am (that’s 7.15am in Malaysia). Good night sleep? No comment. I had a so-so OK sleep the prior 4 hours and gone topsy-turvy for the next. At least I didn’t wake up moody for not having enough sleep because I was mentally prepared that I shouldn’t expect the on-flight-sleep to be so comfy.

“OH MY GOD! I’VE OFICIALLY LANDED IN SYDNEY NOW!” should be the first line I blurted by right. But no, it wasn’t. Instead I was like “Great, I just got off the plane, half sleepy face and need to stand in long queue for immigration check”

Done with all the procedure, we marched to the arrivals hall. There, a few medical students from University of Newcastle had already waited for us.

Newie friends from left: Hanif, Faka, Fariz
Newie friends from left: Ainun, Raden, Aqilah
 For our 7 days stay in Australia, we’ll be in Newcastle for 2 days and Sydney for the rest.

Because the immigration border procedure took too long that it already reached lunch hour, so we decided to have our lunch and salah before heading to Newcastle.

Oporto for lunch
And it’s time to take a train to Newcastle! I’m not sure what time our tickets were, and I can’t remember how long the journey was. I was totally out of track of time because (1) still confuse with the 2 hours difference, (2) I was busy looking out of the window halfway to Newcastle, (3) and spent another half sleeping to compensate my not-so-good-sleep last night. Surprisingly it was more comfortable sleeping in the train.

Cute girls on train :)
 Arrived at Broadmeadow station somewhere past 5pm and it was getting dark. Yea winter. 

In Newcastle we were divided into groups according to houses we'll be staying in. I was staying in Castle. They named it Castle, it's a house indeed. I think all houses have names here. The house is nice! No, nice is too underrated. The house is awesome! Together with everything and everybody else in it! Despite the low temperature, we were welcomed warmly. Very!

First night in Newcastle we had some ice breaking with Malaysian's students. Lots of things were shared. And everybody was so sweet.

Until it was time for bed. First experience being in a sleeping bag. Wiggling comfortably ^^

For day 2nd, we had a lot of things awaited! Please anticipate.

Ps: sorry it took me long to continue ;)


zulkifli said...

castle. knp x namakn gryffindor? XD

SuE RaY said...

Wowee you were in the trip that came to visit the other day..
Wish I had the chance to meet you that time..

Hope you had lots of fun in Sydney!
Write more, or better yet, pictures plz!

Btw, Hi I'm Sueray, nice meeting you, (virtually that is), hope this isn't too weird and stalkerish on my part.. >_<

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