surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness

surrounded by crowds doesn't chase away literal loneliness
dear lord embrace me with your blessings


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Your cover and my cover

All books have covers. If we ourselves are books, why don’t we question, who’re actually responsible for the cover, or at least who’re responsible to let people see the cover we wanted them to see. Mask? That’s a totally a different thing.

When was the last time you said to yourself “don’t judge a book by its cover”?

Cliché as it sounds but true enough. We’re human. Admit it. No matter how not judgmental we tried to be, at some point things just can’t be helped.

Gami' Amru. Malam terakhir bertarawih di bumi Mesir untuk ramadhan kali ini.. Kat dalam penuh jemaah bersolat & beriktikaf, kat luar pun penuh orang beli belah & minta sedekah. Imam baca dengan nada yang sangat menarik, tak rasa penat berdiri lama..

Antara situasi menarik:

Tanya pakcik sebelah kanan (berjubah & berjanggut), "surah ape imam baca td"? ..."ibrahim", check2 tak jumpa. Pasrah. Terus solat

Usai solat 2 rakaat tanya brader sebelah kiri pulak (pakai t-shirt & seluar jeans), “surah apa imam bace td"?.. "Tadi fussilat dengan asy-syura, lepas ni az-zukhruf plak", check2  jumpa. Betul lah tu.
Jangan menilai seseorang pada luaran... Tak sangka brader 2 hafiz, pakaian lebih kurang je.
Taken from facebook status of an old friend, Abd Rahim Samad.

To judge, sometimes that can be overrated. Try hypothesis instead. Just like in statistics; null hypothesis and research hypothesis (I don’t learn statistics for nothing. heh), if significant evidence aren’t enough for conclusion why don’t go for the safe side then. Think good, think about all the good things that you could. Husnuzzon.

Bersangka baiklah, selagi boleh.

Everyone has their own struggle.

If I am a potent smoker, and I smoke 20 packets per day. Suddenly one day I decided to stop smoking. It’s impossible for me to get over it in just one day. Instead I smoke less 1 packet as each day passed.

How human sees it: I am smoking
How I see it: I’m struggling to quit smoking
How Allah sees it: ???

It’s the struggle people. And it’s always the sweetest when we’re struggling because of HIM.

That’s why you don’t judge people!


Faariis said...

likey. :)

Aimi Syahirah said...

Got the message!
Done keeping it safe in here, *tunjuk hati* insya Allah

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